Redesigning the Alter Markt and surroundings of Gudensberg Church | Gudensberg

With the design contribution 'The Gudensberg Terraces' a contemporary open space concept was developed, which is oriented urbanistically to the Obernburg and to the Protestant Town Church of Gudensberg. The terraces support the atmosphere of the place and the historical value of the 'Alter Markt'. New and modern open space qualities are created.

2nd Prize I Mainquartier Volkach

The premise here is to increase urban density while retaining the airy atmosphere of the site’s open spaces. As a result, the site is divided into two sections, each with its own character.

Ochsenau – Bereich Ost | Landshut

The development of the Ochsenau district is based on its surroundings and the parameters requested by the sponsor.

Redesign of Holstenstrasse of the Old Market | Kiel

As a result of the central inner-city redesign, specifically the areas of Holstenplatz, Schevenbrücke to Heinrich-Ehmsen-Platz and Oberer Holstenstraße, a coherent urban hub has been created that does justice to Kiel's influence as the state capital.

Young Lives in Coburg | Coburg

Based on our design contribution of developing Coburg into a swarm city, as an impulse project, we proposed a residential area at the interface of the inner-city urban fabric.

State Vocational School for Product Design | Selb

The new building is divided into four pavilions, which are arranged in a windmill-like formation around a common center with a green inner courtyard.

Landmark Turbine factory | Mannheim

The 'landmark building' is designed as a floating volume above an elongated 6-storey plinth building. The base provides the boulevard extension of Rollbühlstrasse with an urban setting and enables the clear contouring of the turbine plant area.

Suburban Development | Bonn

In the development of the urban design, the "good" neighbourhood in the area is in the foreground.

Literaturquartier | Essen

Der Entwurf sieht vor, die durch die Bebauungsstruktur, entstehenden Freiräume in ihrer räumlichen Wirkung zu verstärken und unterschiedliche Atmosphären zu erzeugen, die vielseitige, qualitativ hochwertige Aufenthaltsorte entstehen lassen.

RT unlimited and BETZ-Areal | Reutlingen

Climate change and social change are the outstanding issues of future-oriented development. The climate turnaround can only be achieved if a turnaround in transport design is also successful.

Habakuk Daycare Center | Friedrichshafen

The basic concept of the open space planning revolves around a clearing motif.

Officebuilding GIZ Campus | Eschborn

The open spaces flow around the new GIZ building in soft lines. Clinker terraces and gravelled areas interact with green spaces overgrown with trees to form a spatially attractive sequence of open spaces ...

Community School | Neunkirchen

The town center community school is being redefined in terms of structure and content. The new design emphasizes this notion with an assertive, and striking architecture.

Wolffskeelhalle | Markt Reichenberg

The surrounding open space of the Wolffskeelhalle is structurally divided into two levels, a “lower” level on the 2nd basement of the hall and an “upper” level on the ground floor.

Train Station | Soest

The modern urban expansion of the old city of Soest has so far been carried out by primarily building single-family houses.

Townhall of the future mg+ | Mönchengladbach

The competition entailed designing a harmonious fusion between the historic townhall and its contextual block structure, the Karstadt department store and the Sparkasse building to form a unified core ensemble. 

Construction of a triple sports hall | Northeim

The competition requested a design strategy for the functional and high-quality embedding of the new triple sports hall, within the area’s urban and landscape context.  

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum | Mödlareuth

Mödlareuth is an authentic living symbol of the German division, as this partition is still present today in both appearance and structure.

Marienplatz | Darmstadt

The competition included the design of a modern high-rise building with a complimentary landscape layout that would optimize usability, comfort and overall aesthetics. 

New Daycare Facility | Aschaffenburg

The competition entailed the design of a daycare facility with a corresponding landscape design to maximize the potential. 

Extension of the new district house Nordfriesland | Husum

The open space concept provides a functional, structural and high quality embedding of the building ensemble (district house, new building extension, and parking garage) into the existing urban and landscape structures.

Lecture Hall and Event Center | Bremen

As an expression of a future-oriented University of Bremen, the competition formed the design of a new building, intended as a lecture hall and event center, to be built at the heart of the University.

Urban Expansion – Kronsberg Süd | Hannover

The demarcation of the outdoor areas is resulted from the private front gardens, as the apartments correlated the private gardens to the communal courtyard.

New townhouse | Bergisch Gladbach

The open space concept follows the claim of optimal informal passing options of the square.

Western Context of the ICE Train Station Fulda | Fulda

The task entailed the planning of new urban squares and green spaces, with high quality resting areas, near the train station.

Dieselstraße 2c in Area Hamburg-North | Hamburg

The design aims to complement the new housing development through a functional, creative, and high quality open space, which adapts with the existing urban planning and landscape structures. A new green network with essential connections has been created for the neighborhood through the linkages between the existing and newly designed open spaces.

Hotel at Lake Titissee| Saveris on the Lake

Here the external landscaping has been adapted in response to the local building tradition.

New building dormitory BGZ Simmerrath | Aachen

With the traditional architecture the continuation of landscape has been provided by green car parking surfaces and linear tree design on the east side of the area.

Luisenhöfe | Aachen

The scheme take up existing urban imprint and further extends it.

Resident scheme at Buchholzer Grün | Hannover

To the north of the site, existing woodland encroaches onto the new district and weaves the new residential area into the surrounding urban landscape.

Access building Jülich Research Centre GmbH

The access building forms basically a square, and this motif is also reflected in its courtyard.

Konrad Adenauer Place and station area | Düsseldorf

Konrad Adenauer Platz is a highly frequented plaza located in front of Düsseldorf station, and crossed by countless travellers, day-in, day-out.

Masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III

The masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III demonstrates how open spaces in the new districts can be tied in with the surrounding landscape.

1. Price | Knielingen | Karlsruhe

The surrounding streets are planted with trees. The existing wall on the Eggensteiner-Str. is worth preserving and is integrated into the design.

1. Price | Timber Housing Area | Kouvola, Finland

The City of Kouvola organized this international design competition for an area in development in a scenic location right by the River Kymi.

1. Price | Freight Station Developement | Tübingen

The redesign of the grounds of the former freight depot site in Tübigen is also part of the proposed urban design concept which highlights this area as a distinct address in the new district.

1. Price | Green Centre | Essen

The planned construction site neighbours directly on the park in the university district and therefore constitutes an ideal location for a pleasant residential area.

1.Price | innovative living facilities for students

An attractive public space for walks and relaxation has been created along a boulevard stretching out between two roundabouts.

1. Price | Lido Bad Arolsen

The new lido is located along the access road in the southern area of the beach facilities. Densely wooded vegetation stretches out on the southern side of the building.

1. Price | Extension Grammar school St. Leonhard Aachen

The square at St. Leonhard Gymnasium, in need of new definition and circulation, is planned with a loose arrangement of thrones and a distinctive border edge defined by hedges and wall, known as the ‘Green Wall’ and the ‘Stone Wall’, as key zoning elements.