Hotel at Lake Titissee| Saveris on the Lake

Here the external landscaping has been adapted in response to the local building tradition.

New building dormitory BGZ Simmerrath | Aachen

With the traditional architecture the continuation of landscape has been provided by green car parking surfaces and linear tree design on the east side of the area.

Luisenhöfe | Aachen

The scheme take up existing urban imprint and further extends it.

Resident scheme at Buchholzer Grün | Hannover

To the north of the site, existing woodland encroaches onto the new district and weaves the new residential area into the surrounding urban landscape.

Access building Jülich Research Centre GmbH

The access building forms basically a square, and this motif is also reflected in its courtyard.

Düsseldorf Konrad Adenauer Place and station area

Konrad Adenauer Platz is a highly frequented plaza located in front of Düsseldorf station, and crossed by countless travellers, day-in, day-out.

Masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III

The masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III demonstrates how open spaces in the new districts can be tied in with the surrounding landscape.

1. Price | Knielingen | Karlsruhe

The surrounding streets are planted with trees. The existing wall on the Eggensteiner-Str. is worth preserving and is integrated into the design.

1. Price | Timber Housing Area | Kouvola, Finland

The City of Kouvola organized this international design competition for an area in development in a scenic location right by the River Kymi.

1. Price | Freight Station Developement | Tübingen

The redesign of the grounds of the former freight depot site in Tübigen is also part of the proposed urban design concept which highlights this area as a distinct address in the new district.

1. Price | Green Centre | Essen

The planned construction site neighbours directly on the park in the university district and therefore constitutes an ideal location for a pleasant residential area.

1.Price | innovative living facilities for students

An attractive public space for walks and relaxation has been created along a boulevard stretching out between two roundabouts.

1. Price | Lido Bad Arolsen

The new lido is located along the access road in the southern area of the beach facilities. Densely wooded vegetation stretches out on the southern side of the building.

1. Price | Extension Grammar school St. Leonhard Aachen

The square at St. Leonhard Gymnasium, in need of new definition and circulation, is planned with a loose arrangement of thrones and a distinctive border edge defined by hedges and wall, known as the ‘Green Wall’ and the ‘Stone Wall’, as key zoning elements.