3rd Prize | Townhall of the future mg+


In collaboration with RKW Architektur+, Arup Deutschland GmbH, Görtzen, Stolbrink & Partner mbB

The competition entailed designing a harmonious fusion between the historic townhall and its contextual block structure, the Karstadt department store and the Sparkasse building to form a unified core ensemble. 

In order for this combination to succeed, the focus of the design resided on a central square in the heart of the ensemble: an agora. Through it, the connection between the market square and Stresemannstraße widens, and the narrow north-south axis further creates a spacious room that adds to the east-west dimension. Hence, a plus arises.

Green axes were developed to compliment the design in terms of functionality, environmentally, aesthetically and as a health factor with regard to indoor human well-being. These axes run through the building on both sides, parallel to the agora, and across all parts of the core ensemble. They are materialized as hanging gardens with an intensive planting scheme that trickle down towards a ground-level pool feature.

This combination creates its own thermal effect to ensure air renewal and filtration. In addition, the transparent ceiling structures allow daylight to filter in, which further increases the overall optical and atmospheric experience through the natural combination of light, plants and water elements. These axes are thus designed to allow for optimum meeting and relaxation spaces. 

In the office spaces, natural elements are also integrated in the design strategy through green systems, living(moss) wall features and through planted conference boxes, which not only cater to private and undisturbed conference boxes, but also provide air clarity and oxygen production. 

Last but not least, green roofs were also conceived as part of the design intervention through the integration of concepts such as herb gardens and beehives, which would be managed by a professional beekeeper. These measures were implemented to further impact the work-life balance of the employees.