Model district Busso-Peus-Straße | Münster

Recognition | In collaboration with Welp von Klitzing

The concept envisages a sustainable neighbourhood in the sense of a "nature hybrid" and is an example of sustainable housing and university construction in suburban areas. Reforestation is intended to create increased biodiversity and encourage circular resource thinking.The neighbourhood is to be accessed via a star-shaped network of avenues, thus emphasising the new centre of the neighbourhood. Four of the five streets are intended exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists. Infiltration and green spaces will accompany the avenues leading to the centre of the district. Open courtyard communities are intended to encourage encounters and dialogue. In terms of sustainability, the principle of the sponge city is to be applied in the neighbourhood and improve the microclimate through evaporation, among other things.

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Kalkumer Schloßallee | Düsseldorf

3rd Prize | In collaboration with schneider+schumacher

Close to the Rhine in the Kaiserswerth district, a nature-oriented and sustainable district is to be created in line with the "Landscape shapes the city" concept. The identity is characterized by the integration of the landscape and the mix of housing types. The squares and streets follow the principle of the sponge city and are characterized by a high proportion of unsealed surfaces. The entrance to the new quarter is formed by a large square that connects the train station, the school and the new residential quarter. Various meeting and recreation areas will be created here, which will be structured by large green spaces. Attractive public squares and play areas without traffic congestion will be created in the residential quarter. Semi-public residential courtyards and private and communal green spaces create communicative neighborhoods.

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 Eugen-Bolz-Secodary School | Rottenburg

Recognition | in collaboration with Atelier 30

A central courtyard between the old and new buildings forms the new heart of the school campus. This courtyard is largely underpinned by a bunker, so raised beds for perennials and shrubs are required. Chill and learning decks create meeting places between the planting. For the younger children, the large playground offers plenty of space for games, sport and exercise. Some calisthenics equipment or parcours elements are to be added here. Under the theme of climate resilience, the new school campus offers both structurally rich vegetation areas and rainwater management as a circulation system. Other factors are intended to promote biodiversity and create a sustainable environment.


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City centre | Borgentreich

3. Prize

The design emphasizes the character of the small town square and gives the ensemble of church, organ museum and surrounding half-timbered houses a new identity. The new "heart" of the town center is divided into three areas, which are given a green framework and enhanced in aesthetic and visual terms with a combination of new plantings and existing trees. Various uses, including recreation, gastronomy and temporary markets, will be integrated.


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Local Supply Kiesseestraße | Göttingen

2. Prize | In collaboration with pape + pape

The open space concept includes spacious green inner courtyards and neighbourhood squares, where climate-friendly mobility and facilities are planned with insurable areas, numerous recreational facilities, day-care play area, planting of useful plants and the creation of green roofs.


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12 | 2023 Rebranding

GTL Landschaftsarchitektur

It has been an eventful year - with Katrin Mauer and Sonja Bruns, the previous office owner Michael Triebswetter has two new partners at his side. Together they founded GTL Landschaftsarchitektur Triebswetter, Mauer, Bruns Partner mbB and opened the Hamburg office at the same time.



Hilgenfeld | Frankfurt

3. Prize | In collaboration with Dirschl.federle Architects

The design focuses on connecting the individual residential areas by creating a green link between the public open spaces. The resulting cross-connection, which includes occasional extensions and squares, is intended to increase the proportion of greenery in the neighbourhood and create meeting places. In addition, certain areas offer space for play and sports facilities. Retention areas are intended to store rainwater locally so that it can evaporate or seep away with a time delay.
Kornblumenplatz forms the heart of the neighbourhood. Here, cafés and commercial areas are intended to enhance the quality of life. Planting areas on the edges of the square round off the concept.


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On the way to the lake | Inden-Schophoven

3. Prize

In the coming years, the surrounding area in the centre of Schophoven will be transformed into an extensive recreational area with a lake, focusing on sustainable developments and the effects of climate change. The park will integrate the Müllenark estate as a tourist area with a green inner courtyard. A blue-green band, accompanied by retention troughs, connects the estate with the edge of the lake, enables rainwater utilisation and creates a versatile recreational space. The park will be modelled using local materials, thus emphasising the responsible use of resources. The planting is planned to be as diverse as possible, with a focus on species diversity and biodiversity. The promenade and the transition to the lake will be developed in stages, with a protective wall to be retained. The lighting concept developed will ensure a night-time atmosphere, safety and consideration for the environment.


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Brunnenquartier | Karben


The Brunnenquartier in Karben is to be characterised by its blue-green infrastructure as a future-oriented residential quarter. Several green corridors and a neighbourhood square run through the district. The paths are accompanied by retention troughs that reflect the theme of water. In addition to their ecological benefits, watercourses and water features also serve as play and relaxation areas that break up the green corridors. The neighbourhood park in the interior is intended to form a heavily used neighbourhood park, in which not only encounters are encouraged, but a play and climbing sculpture is also integrated in the immediate vicinity of the planned daycare centre. As a prelude to the neighbourhood park, a small neighbourhood square is planned as a further meeting place, which will be enhanced by large trees and seating.


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Vocational Training Center | Bamberg

2. Prize | In collaboration with Atelier 30

The design for the Bamberg vocational training center primarily uses the large forecourt of the building, but also the small inner courtyards that result from the architecture. A spacious green area with seating gives the forecourt a certain quality of stay. Adjacent to this, a green parking area will provide sufficient parking spaces. In the inner courtyards, plants combined with seating invite you to take a break in the sun.


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Astrid-Lingren-Avenue | Cologne-Brück

1. Prize after Review | In collaboration with hector3 architects

The urban development planning of the area should fully utilise the potential of the new neighbourhood under sustainable principles. The preservation of green spaces and the new planning of communal and public open spaces should strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and open up new opportunities. A neighbourhood square forms the new focal point, which is both the intersection of various paths and a visual connection. Courtyards arranged to the side are thus given a quieter atmosphere and form an exciting contrast. Near-natural soakaways and play areas round off the design.


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10 | 2023 Advanced Training

Exkursion Ruhr Area 2023

This year's office excursion took us to the Ruhr region. Here we visited projects on the topics of 'brownfield sites, slag heaps, landscape parks and Emscher renaturalisation' in a total of eight cities. Lectures by guides provided exciting impressions and background knowledge.


09 | 2023 AWARD Ceremony

Award ceremony German Landscape Architecture Prize 2023 in Berlin

We are very happy about the award of the bdla for "Landscape Architecture in Detail" and congratulate also our colleagues who were awarded in other categories!


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Lindgens Site | Cologne

2. Prize

The open space planning design for the Lindgren area creates a balanced equilibrium between the urban, stone square and the greened pocket park, whereby the creation of a high quality of stay and the interconnection with the neighbouring urban and green spaces are in the foreground. With a design language that refers to historical, industrial architecture, old structures are used as models in the new square design. The combination of wall panels and furnishing elements creates exciting views that play with themes such as transparency and demarcation or foreground and background, changing the perception of the square depending on the point of view.


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Plankerheide | Krefeld

3. Prize | In collaboration with Schneider + Schumacher

The neighbourhoods are organised as urban islands in green space with links to the surrounding area.
They have central squares and a generous, connecting traffic area as shared space. The traffic network and social facilities are oriented towards the edge of the settlement. The central access is primarily intended for pedestrians and cyclists.


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08 | 2023 Project

Forecourt of the Federal Social Court in Kassel


As part of our project 'Vorplatz Bundessozialgericht Kassel', the entrance area of the Bundessozialgericht was redesigned. With the construction of the extension, it became necessary to redesign the entrance, as the length of the main access path and thus the height situation changed at this point. A coherent overall picture of the entrance situation was created by a uniform design of the pavement. The water and nutrient supply of an existing tree on the forecourt was optimised with the help of a larger tree disc and soil improvement measures.



Sonnenhof | Pforzheim

Recognition | In collaboration with Schneider + Schumacher

Transformation of a residential neighbourhood from the 1960s. The design includes the construction of new residential buildings, a school nursery, community centre and an underground car park. The outdoor facilities consist of spacious green areas for the social facilities, terrace for a café and green courtyards with play areas for the residents.

©GTL, schneider+schumacher

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07 | 2023 Project

Thiele Aue Bad Arolsen


After a long period of planning, our project in Bad Arolsen was officially opened on Friday!
We are very happy to be able to give the residents of the town access to the Thiele again. The newly designed natural space encloses the Thiele stream and forms a floodplain that offers play and recreation opportunities for all age groups. A new playground, a skate park, various recreational facilities and new tree plantings complete the design over a total length of 1.37 km.


07 | 2023 Project

Climate-friendly Forum Salzgitter


As part of this project, the centres of Salzgitter-Bad and Salzgitter-Lebenstedt were adapted to the current challenges posed by climate change. Climate-resilient trees were added to an area totalling 2,600 m2 , a water and mist feature was installed to lower the ambient temperature and drinking fountains were set up for refreshment in between. Another special feature are the innovative solar benches where smartphones can be charged or WLAN can be used. Small, green oases are intended to invite people to linger in the city centre and make it more attractive - entirely under the aspect of climate adaptation and improvement of the climate balance.



New construction of the Ernst Fahlbusch day care centre | Göttingen

1. Prize | In collaboration with pape + pape Architekten

With the new building of the day care centre, a further educational and social facility is integrated into the existing urban situation of the city. A spacious forecourt including parking spaces forms the entrance area and offers enough space for daily exchange among parents or for events of the KITA. Various climbing and balancing facilities, a covered sand playground and other play and retreat facilities create a sensory stimulating play experience for all age groups.

©GTL, pape + pape

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Garden City Allendorf  | Bad Salzungen

1. Prize | In collaboration with Benkert Schäfer Architekten

A liveable, sustainable neighbourhood with an attractive sequence of public and private green spaces is being created here. The largely car-free neighbourhood has quiet play streets.


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Gassnerallee Customs Port  | Mainz

1. Prize | In collaboration with schneider+schumacher

The new building ensemble consisting of a daycare center and a three-field gymnasium plays a special role in the Zollhafen district, which is otherwise dominated by residential and commercial activities. The visual relationship to the urban space, daycare center and gymnasium are open through a glass facade. .


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Seven in One Go | Obertshausen

Recognition | In collaboration with Kama Architects

The climate change compatible planning includes inner-city redensification in which two city districts are to grow together across a strong traffic axis. The road will be deconstructed, new sustainable housing will be created, and pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be promoted.




05 | 2023 Project

House of Youth Kassel

Inauguration of the forecourt

The Day of Urban Development took place at the weekend on our newly designed project. The curved noise barrier shades the square from the street, serves as a seating element at the same time and frames the stage area shaded with awnings.


05 | 2023 Project

Höxter State Garden Show

Office excursion

Our first joint training this year went to our completed project in Höxter. We carried out Lph 6-8 for the office Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH on site. Together we had a great time in spring-like weather with a lot of input from our staff from Höxter.



New Campus Mathematics and Computer Science University of Münster | Münster

3rd prize | In collaboration with Atelier30

The concept includes a central campus plaza with zoned green spaces and pathways that create attractive open spaces and logical diagonal crossings. Green islands provide shade planting and integrated benches. On the 3rd floor, a plateau with an institute garden is created as an accessible open space adjacent to the seminar rooms.


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05 | 2023 Project

House garden


In our house garden project, an individual rock landscape with a watercourse was built, which has now been planted. The landscape consists of local basalt and a large number of the stones were hand-selected in the quarry.


04 | 2023 AWARD

Award at the German Landscape Architecture Prize 2023

We are very happy about the award of our project ´Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen´ for the category „Landscape Architecture in Detail“.

©Nikolai Benner

04 | 2023 AWARD

Competitionline Ranking 2022

Top 20! We are happy about the 14th place in the Competitionline Ranking 2022 in the category landscape architecture out of 2,600 offices in Germany. Many thanks to our competition team for their excellent performance. 


Open Space and Square Design for the New Construction of the Hubland Tram Line | Würzburg

3 x 2nd prize and 1x 3rd prize | In collaboration with Benkert Schäfer Architekten

Existing squares with their deficits in terms of quality of stay and function, climate resilience, address formation, identification and representation, networking, mobility and proportion of green space are renegotiated in the course of the redesign and transformed by a redesign in line with the times. This offers Würzburg an opportunity to make important squares more tangible again and, depending on the urban context, to qualify them with new functions and qualities.


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04 | 2023 Project

State Garden Show Höxter 2023


Spring is here. The 19th State Garden Show in North Rhine-Westphalia has opened. From April 20 to October 15, visitors can marvel at the months of work in and around Höxter. We say thank you to Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH and to the whole team of the Landesgartenschau Höxter gGmbH for the great cooperation.


04 | 2023 Project

Thiele - Aue Bad Arolsen


Part of the ramps of the skate facility is in place, as well as the Calistenics equipment and the bouldering wall.


03 | 2023 Nomination

Nomination for the German Landscape Architecture Award 2023

We are very happy about this honor to be nominated. The project 'Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen' is among the 35 finalists. Keep your fingers crossed for the jury decision on 21.04.


Green Quarter Stephansstift | Hannover

Recognition | In collaboration with RKW Architektur +

In the south of the newly emerging "Green Quarter", there is a new nursing home building with an associated open space which, due to its location, functions as an entrance to the new quarter. In order to fulfill this task, a generous, open plaza area made of water-bound pavement was created, which picks up the tree motif from the southern inventory. The large plaza area is address-forming and marks the main entrance of the southern building block. In the inner courtyard of the new building, a generous plaza area consisting of a large green space, bordered by lounge elements, is provided, which extends the building's internal use into the outdoor space. The inner courtyard is supplemented by a dense grove of trees, which dissolves from the green area into the square area. The planting areas surrounding the building will be designed as retention areas with site-appropriate perennials and grasses.


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City Hall Extension at  Droste-Hülshoff-Square | Bottrop

Recognition | In collaboration with Lepel & Lepel

The open space concept is characterized by linearity and clarity, which connects the city hall with the city center through recurring elements and a long visual axis. The open space is subdivided into various areas with different qualities and opportunities for recreation. One focus is the pocket park in the north, the town hall garden and the two-part Droste-Hülshoff-Platz. In addition, the improvement of the urban climate was achieved, among other things, through tree plantings and surfaces in light colors.

©GTL, Lepel&Lepel

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02 | 2023 Job Ad

We are looking for new colleagues!

We are a design-oriented, broad-based landscape architecture firm and work on national and international projects and competitions.

We are looking for landscape architects (Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc., B.Sc.) to support our team in Hamburg, Kassel or Hannover. We are looking for enthusiasm for open space planning, the ability to work in a team and independently. The command of the German language in word and writing is a prerequisite. We offer a performance-based, flexible contract structure and a variety of opportunities for further training.

We welcome digital applications to: kontakt@gtl-kassel.de


Neue Störschleife | Itzehoe

2nd Prize | In collaboration with Heidt + Peters mbH

The concept 'Die Stör verspringt' reproduces the historical watercourse and lets water surfaces jump. The result is a varied, coherent, inner-city water experience space with diverse quality of stay and different functionalities.

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Emil-von-Behring High School | Spardorf

1st Prize | In collaboration with Babler + Lodde Architects

With the new building of the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium in Spardorf near Erlangen, a sustainable school campus is being created in interaction with the cafeteria, library, gymnasium and Ernst-Penzoldt-Schule with central access via the common break yard. The topography is integrated, individual partial spaces are defined, and the outdoor facilities are structured by a square grid and linked to the interior architecture.
©GTL, Babler + Lodde

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11 | 2022 Expansion to Hamburg

New Office in Hamburg

In April of this year, we opened another location in the city of Hamburg. This office is run by Sonja Bruns and Katrin Mauer and is located not far from Sternschanzenpark in Susannenstraße. In the meantime, the two have received active support from 2 interns and another employee.





School Campus Gellershagen | Bielefeld

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Atelier 30 Architekten GmbH

With the expansion of the secondary school, the new construction of the elementary school and a triple sports hall, the Gellershagen school campus is being created with a large break and play yard in the center. Diverse 'green' action fields distributed in the paved area offer play, learning and sports opportunities. ©GTL, Atelier 30

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Mainova Campus Solmsstraße | Frankfurt

Recognition | In collaboration with hks Architekten GmbH

A skywalk frames the inner courtyard of the campus with the new building ensemble, where the architectural monument "water tower" in a water basin is the central element. The various uses of the existing and new buildings are accompanied by trees along the railroad line and various sports areas, play areas and outdoor recreation facilities. The urban forecourt on Birkenweg emphasizes an open and urban character, while the inner courtyards of the apartments create quiet places to stay.

©GTL, hks

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10 | 2022 PROJECT

REWE Green Market Wiesbaden


One year after the opening of Rewe's new pilot store in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim the mixed perennial planting shines. When selecting the plants, attention was paid to drought tolerance, extensive care and a long flowering period. In addition to the striking architecture, the perennial planting is a special eye-catcher. ©GTL

10 | 2022 PROJECT

Poststraße Helmarshausen


We are pleased about the assignment together with the Oppermann engineering office to redesign the through road in Helmarshausen. After we prepared the feasibility study in 2021, we were now able to use the VgV procedure prevail against the competition and look forward to the implementation. ©GTL

09 | 2022 Advanced training

Excursion Hamburg 2022

In September we were in Hamburg with the whole office and discovered many exciting urban planning / landscape architecture projects during 3 days.





City Hall | Weilmünster

3. Prize | In collaboration with Meurer Generalplaner GmbH

The lighthouse project in terms of inner-city integration, functionality and sustainability includes a contemporary open space concept through a clear order of function and spaces. Central and linking is the multifunctional square.

Graphic: ©Meurer Generalplaner GmbH, GTL

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FORUM Communication Center University | Jena

2. Prize | In collaboration with Behnisch Architekten

At the Friedrich-Schiller University a sustainable building with attractive meeting and working possibilities for students and teachers is being built in the historic city center. The open spaces as communication and recreation areas are open and inviting.

Graphic: © GTL, Behnisch Architekten

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Town Hall Market  | Bebra

1. Prize

The traffic-calmed market square will be redesigned as a multifunctional space with generous stairs, benches for lingering, a water feature and complementary tree planting. The town hall and the surrounding stores are accessible without barriers.

Graphic: © GTL

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Skyscraper Marienplatz  | Darmstadt

1. Prize | In collaboration with netzwerkarchitekten, Tragraum Ingenieure

A promenade is being created between the publishing district and the city center as a forecourt for the high-rise building on Marienplatz.  The roofs of the buildings will be designed as garden terraces and the surrounding balconies of the high-rise building will be landscaped with intensive planting in troughs.

Graphic: ©netzwerkarchitekten, GTL

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07 | 2022 PROJECT

Orchard Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, Kassel

Start of construction

On the Brandt-Stoph-Platz, an orchard based on a historical model is being created in the course of the new construction of the garden depot. The parking lot will be remodeled in this construction project and provided with a tree grid of fruit trees with old varieties from the 17th century to the 19th century, as well as forward-looking breeds. ©GTL


Cuno-Raabe-School | Fulda

1. Prize + Award of contract | In collaboration with netzwerkarchitekten, Tragraum Ingenieure

The identity-creating listed building of the former church will be integrated into the school's everyday life for subsequent use. The centerpiece of this sustainable and resource-saving project is a spacious and versatile schoolyard between the church and the new building.

Graphic: ©netzwerkarchitekten, GTL

Weitere Informationen

05 | 2022 AWARD

Competitionline Ranking 2021

We are pleased that we are also among the 20 best landscape architecture firms in Germany in the last, challenging year! Our thanks go first and foremost to our team, which did a super job despite the circumstances. We do not want to forget all our competition partners, without whom this achievement would not have been possible!

05 | 2022 AWARD

Otto-Borst Prize 2022

We are proud to announce that our project "Redesign of the harbor environment" in Bad Karlshafen was awarded the Otto-Borst Prize 2022 by the International Network of Historic Cities during the international city conference of the Forum Stadt in Meran. The award was given to the city of Bad Karlshafen as the developer and the planning offices GTL/ Michael Triebswetter (Kassel) and Oppermann GmbH (Vellmar) with the special prize in the category of open space design. A total of 23 entries from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were submitted to the jury.


6-Lakes Wedau Water Tower | Duisburg

1. Prize | In collaboration with Druscke und Grosser Architektur

"6-Lakes Wedau" - a new sustainable and future-oriented quarter at the identity-creating water tower in Duisburg.

Two ensemble groups are being created, distinguished by different building volumes and uses, connected via Planstrasse C. The complete ensemble is harmoniously integrated into the park area and is based on the theme of sustainability. Compact building structures are created as well as an outdoor space that promotes biodiversity. Through the use and structuring of the building structures and open spaces, communication and networking between the residents is stimulated.

Graphic: © Druscke und Grosser Architektur


Residential district Blasius-Blick, Kaufbeuren

1st Price

The new "Blasius-Blick" residential quarter - attractive, local and climate-friendly.

The urban structure is based on the curved course of the floodplain along the future renaturalized Märzenbach stream and, in addition to the special building structure, creates attractive open spaces with local character. The outdoor spaces offer a variety of uses. In addition to functionality, a balance between private and public space is created throughout the neighborhood. ©GTL

01 | 2022 PROJECT

Monheimer Tor, Monheim

Topping-out ceremony

The existing shopping center in Monheim, the Monheimer Tor, is supplemented and enlarged by an extensive new building. GTL is responsible for the planning of the roof and interior greening. On 21.01.2022 the new building was inaugurated by a public topping-out ceremony.

During a speech, among others by the building owner, the topping-out tree was raised and the building was then consecrated with the traditional topping-out ceremony by the carpenter. This celebration marks a successfully completed milestone on the road to completion in 2024. ©GTL


Millennium Areal Frankfurt


In the international realization competition, together with the architects schneider+ schumacher, we received recognition for our contribution. The development of the Millennium Areal in Frankfurt and the extension by two high-rise buildings with mixed use shall shape the skyline in a sustainable, resource-saving and climate-friendly way.

The building ensemble complementing Tower185 integrates offices, a hotel, apartments, stores, gastronomy and a kindergarten. The outdoor space is divided into a forecourt with a fountain and groves of trees, inner courtyards and a kindergarten play area. ©GTL

12 | 2021 Project

Campeon – Infineon, Munich


In this construction project, a complete small town was designed between 2001 and 2005, offering an office world for 7000 employees in the middle of a green meadow. Infineon's buildings are integrated into this spacious park with campus facilities. For the planting a mix of different high and low perennials and grasses was chosen, which are also beautiful in winter. ©GTL


12 | 2021 Project

State Garden Show Höxter 2023


Construction of the Höxter 2023 State Garden Show, which we are working on together with Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH, has begun. The first construction phases, including the design of the Weser promenade with landscape floe and the planting of the old tree-lined ramparts, are currently being implemented. Next year, the new history park in the Weserbogen and the Remtergarten in the direct vicinity of the world heritage site 'Carolingian Westwerk and Civitas Corvey' will follow. ©GTL



Family Center, Learning Workshop and Daycare Center, Waldau Campus Kassel

1st Prize

The new family center at the Waldau Campus has an open and inviting structure with a spacious forecourt and entrance area. A wooden deck serves there as a meeting point and waiting area in front of the building. The garden consists of an undulating lawn and a linear play element with multiple uses, terraces for sitting for the learning workshop and for the children's restaurant. Planting beds and fruit trees are provided for the children to explore and snack on. ©GTL

11 | 2021 Project

Completion of Fire department Titz


In 2019, the construction of the new fire department and building yard building and the adjacent open spaces in the municipality of Titz was started with the laying of the foundation stone. This year, the building and its open spaces could be completed and inaugurated in september. Now the entrance to Titz is marked by an elongated building with a red-orange shiny facade.

The open spaces are mainly used for parking and turning facilities for the fire department and the building yard. The large areas of concrete block paving and asphalt are complemented by tree and shrub plantings along the perimeter of the site and bulk storage boxes to the north of the site. The tree planting is composed of preservation of existing trees as well as new plantings. ©GTL



Alter Markt Gudensberg

3rd Prize

We are pleased about the competition success in the region around Kassel. The small town of Gudensberg is to be sensitively redesigned and revitalized with its historic center, the market square. With our concept of terracing, traffic will be reduced, downtown living will be promoted and the open space will be upgraded so that events can once again take place in this beautiful setting. The identity is strengthened and the ensemble of castle, church and market is linked.  © GTL


Hortus Conclusus

Chris Van Uffelen

Our Kaliningrad private garden project was portrayed and published in "Horus Conclusus - Gardens for Private Homes". The book, published by Braun Publishing, presents projects by professional landscape and garden architects and shows which elements, components and structures make up a stylish and convincing garden design. ©GTL


Parks of the 21st century

Victoria Newhouse

We are very pleased that our project "Alter Flugplatz Kalbach, Frankfurt a.M. - Bonames" which has been awarded the Green Good Design 2012 and has been nominated for the Int. Urban Landscape Award (IULA) 2006 was published in the English book “Parks of the 21st Century - reinvented landscapes, reclaimed territorials”, published alongside national and international projects by renowned landscape architects. ©GTL

09 | 2021 PROJECT

Campus extension Faculty of Nursing and Health, Fulda University of Applied Sciences


The project "Campus Extension Fulda", which we have been supervising since 2016, is in the construction phase. Currently, the floor including the guidance system for the blind is being laid. Before the paving work, the trees and equipment elements, including bicycle racks, have already been installed.

The campus courtyard and inner courtyard of the campus extension are characterised by a paving of two iridescent shades of grey, as well as a tree planting of 4 evergreen Pinus sylvestris. The pine tree is a recurring element on the entire university campus in Fulda. The courtyards are rounded off by high-quality furniture with long benches and integrated work tables, as well as striking perennial plantings mixed with ferns and grasses.

09 | 2021 PROJECT

Bad Karlshafen


The reconstruction of the harbor area in the historic planned town of Bad Karlshafen is slowly coming to an end. The part in front of the town hall is already finished and invites to stay. With regard to the surfaces, the Weser sandstone in small paving format from the existing structure was reused and gives the place its original character back. This is supplemented by a hydraulically bound surface layer under the groups of trees made of solitary lime trees and by large-format natural stone slabs made of Weser sandstone facing the water. Furthermore, elements such as bicycle racks and benches have been provided at various points along the harbor.

09 | 2021 PROJECT

Tree planting Königsstraße Kassel


"Kaiser linden trees on Friedrichsplatz celebrate one-year anniversary."
The renovation of Königsstraße was completed by GTL in 2020. The Kaiser lime trees planted at that time (31 pcs.) have been standing on Friedrichsplatz for one year at the present time, thus giving the place a special character.

The planting of the trees was complex and only the caps of the integrated ventilation systems in the pavement give an indication of the planting pit below and the extensive substructure. In addition to the aeration, the system uses a steel structure to ensure that the root zone of the trees is not compacted in the heavily used square, thus providing the trees with the best possible conditions in the extreme location of the town square. In addition, the trees are automatically supplied with water via a root ball as well as deep irrigation system. By optimizing the location and supplying the trees underground, the unrestricted use of Friedrichsplatz continues to be given space.

08 | 2021 PROJECT

Shenzen Hongkong Innovation and Technology Center / Shenfang Park and Zhaolian Headquaters| Shenzen China


Since 2018 (Zhaolian) and 2019 (Shenfang Park) these two projects are in planning in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. GTL is responsible for the service phases 2,3 and 5 for the open spaces of these international projects. The buildings were designed by the architectural firm schneider+schumacher, which has offices in Frankfurt, Vienna, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

The holistic design approach of Shenfang Park represents a new generation of a research building. Located directly on the river, the building complex rises gradually. Roof terraces on each level are a distinctive feature.

The 180-meter-high Zhaolian office tower has a clear facade on the outside. Dynamics and communication are the central elements of the interior design. © GTL

08 | 2021 PROJECT

Start of Construction Radschnellverbindung | Frankfurt-Darmstadt


The “Radschnellweg” project between Frankfurt and Darmstadt is moving into construction phase with the Langen section. The new rapid cycle path runs along the existing paths and offers space for pedestrians and cyclists. The areas along the rapid cycle route will be supplemented by new plantings and the creation of new habitat structures. The adjacent nature reserve is protected from entering with the erection of simple wooden barriers. Out of town, the rapid cycle route is illuminated with radar-controlled PV lamps. These solar lights are illuminated with insect-friendly LED lamps. © GTL


Mainquartier Volkach

2nd Prize

In Volkach, a new modern, mixed, diverse and lively neighborhood is to be created on a derelict company site, combining living and working. The area is divided into two areas with different characters. In the south, there is a neighborhood square at the daycare center with an adjacent skate park and retention areas.
In the north, the buildings form a common green center, a large public open space for playing, moving, strolling and staying. In addition, there will be communal courtyards and private areas in the form of terraces, loggias and roof gardens.
Green facades and roofs, as well as the use of native, site-appropriate plants, create habitats for flora and fauna. Site plan: © GTL/Steimle Architekten GmbH

07 | 2021 PROJECT

Thiele-Floodplain| Bad Arolsen


The planning for the Thiele floodplain in Bad Arolsen with the engineering office Oppermann from Vellmar has begun.
The 1.4 km long Thiele floodplain will be developed and renaturalized close to nature and made accessible to the public. For this purpose, a new path connection with various offers for children and young people will be created. A youth center with a skate park, parkour area, field hockey pitch and basketball hoop will be built on the site of the former swimming pool. In addition, a forest playground, a brook landscape and a bridge for young and old will be realized. © GTL

07 | 2021 PROJECT

Rewe Green Building| Wiesbaden-Erbenheim


GTL worked on the Rewe Green Building project in Wiesbaden together with the architectural firm acme in the Service Phases 1 - 9. In planning since 2018, the Rewe store was able to open this year on May 27, thus launching a pilot project.

The market revolves entirely around the theme of "sustainability" and takes a look at the shopping places of the future as well as a resource-saving food production. On site, fish farming is carried out on the roof and basil is planted.

The Rewe building stands out not only for its innovative concept, but also for its unusual architectural design. Columns of stacked timber form the supporting structure for the glass roof farm, forming a unique vaulted structure. Inside, customers look out onto a glass atrium, the rooftop greenhouse.

The exterior is characterized by parking lots broken up with green spaces, perennial plantings and a flowering meadow. The greening creates important habitats for wildlife. The proportion of sealed surfaces was reduced and a subsoil capable of infiltration was created. © GTL

07 | 2021 PROJECT

State Garden Show Höxter 2023


This year we opened a new branch in Höxter. The Berlin office of Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH won in spring 2020 the competition for the Höxter State Garden Show and commissioned GTL for on-site construction management. We are currently preparing the tenders for the award and the start of construction in the fall. We are looking forward to the great project and the successful implementation until 2023.


07 | 2021 PROJECT

Frankfurter Straße Kassel


"Frankfurter Straße in Kassel becomes an avenue again" (HNA).

Today, nothing reminds of the former avenue and greening of Frankfurter Straße. This will change in the next few years due to the funding program "Future Urban Green". Frankfurter Straße will be planted with a three-digit number of trees along the entire stretch between the city center and the Niederzwehren freeway access road, a total of 5.3 kilometers. Concept planning for the entire area has already been completed, with two sections of Frankfurter Strasse considered in more detail (Park Schönfeld to House No. 24). The next step is to implement tree planting in this section.


06 | 2021 PROJECT

Upper, lower, Pferdemarkt | Frankenberg (Eder)

Project Launch

The city of Frankenberg is planning to redesign the historic old town, specifically in regards to the areas of upper, lower and Pferdemarkt. The approximately 18,500 square meter area is part of the Active Old Town, Lively Centers funding area. This project focuses on the preservation of the historical footprint within the scope of monument protection, enhacement of the green infrastructure and lounge areas, reduction of the current vehicular road, barrier-free surface design and lighting concept.
Based on our initial draft concepts, along with the engineering office Oppermann GmbH, we were able to convince the city during the negotiation phase and were consequently awarded the contract. Perspektive: © GTL

05 | 2021 PROJECT

Inner city Greening Concept | Kassel

Project Launch

In spring we were awarded the contract for the inner city greening project. During our initial inspections with the Blattwerker company, we were able to get an overall idea of the current conditions of the existing trees, along with our initial assessments in regards to potential new tree locations, green spaces and common areas for the streets and squares.
The planning is part of the 'Future Green City' funding program, which deals with sustainable development specifically in terms of climate protection. Mainly three sub-areas are considered for the planning: Schillerviertel, Kölnische Straße / Ständeplatz, Altstadt / Fuldaufer. The process shall take place in collaboration with the office Oppermann und Blattwerker.
We look forward to making our contribution again in making our city greener and more beautiful. Photo: © GTL


Ochsenau – East area | Landshut

2nd Prize

A new residential area with outlined infrastructure is designed for Ochsenau. It includes a former on-site training area surrounded by a nature reserve which shall re-used and rebuilt. The design concept includes district car parks, apartment buildings with spacious inner courtyards and terraced houses surrounded by single-family houses, all located along a central axis. The outdoor facilities integrate play and leisure activities, as well as a central square to serve as a meeting hub for local supplies and mobility.
Lageplan: © GTL/troi


Redesign of Holstenstrasse of the Old Market in Kiel


The new city square, consisting of a granite pavement of uniform color and material, complements the existing traditional facade along with slab associations. This design also differentiates between the central promenade and docking squares.
Holstenplatz shall be implemented with additional new trees and shall lead up to the future transportation stop. In the northern area of the square, new sports and play areas as well as a fountain / water area are being created. These shall be illuminated at night with lights or artistic video productions of the fog clouds to establish it as a unique place.
The southern part of Holstenplatz invites you to linger with newly planted tree grates with integrated benches.
Lageplan: © GTL


Young Lives in Coburg

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Babbler + Lodde Architekten, NABE architecture

In the suburbs of the old town of Coburg, a green urban residential area is being created for young people between the ages of 18 and 28. These young adults shall consist of professionals, trainees and students. The design includes a reorganization of the Urban planning, renetworking the open spaces with the buildings. The main concept consists of a multi-faceted terrace complex which advances towards the inner courtyard. Different living space scenarios are created in connection with communal, service and cultural areas. The outdoor facilities include roof gardens for growing fruit and vegetables, as well as space for studying and relaxing with a view of the city.
Lageplan: © GTL, Babbler + Lodde, NABE

04 | 2021 AWARD


Also this year we can proudly announce that we are one of the most successful competition offices in Germany! Our thanks go first and foremost to our team, which despite the circumstances did a great job, we don't want to forget all competition partners without this the performance would not have been possible! We are happy about a 9th place!

04 I 2021 PROJECT

Harbour environment | Bad Karlshafen


Work on our Bad Karlshafen port area is progressing. To match the baroque setting, 41 linden trees drawn in a roof shape were planted.
The surfaces are paved with regional Weser sandstone in the segmental arch. Photo: © GTL

03 I 2021 PROJECT

Fire station | Titz


The new location of the volunteer fire brigade and the building yard of the municipality of Titz is nearing completion. The next few weeks will see the final asphalt work, planting and installations take place. The building embeds in the surrounding landscape and is characterized by high functionality and synergy effects. The traffic-related details were particularly important, which are complemented with planting and lighting installations. Photo: © GTL

03 I 2021 PROJECT

Funeral Forest Osterfeld | Allendorf

Planning Phase

The district of Osterfeld is located about 2 km north of the municipality of Allendorf (Eder). On the north-western edge of the settlement there is a south-facing, steeply ascending forest area with a valuable grove of mainly beech trees. Here, a burial forest with urn graves is being created on a partial area of approx. 2.2 ha. The design provides for paved and less paved, informal paths to gently open up the area and the graves. Part of the mourning and commemoration is also a memorial place covered with a weather roof, which will be set up at the entrance to the burial forest. Sectional view: © GTL

02 | 2021 PROJECT

Hochleistungsrechenzentrum NOCTUA | Paderborn

Construction site start

This month the kick-off date for the construction of the outdoor facilities of the high-performance computing center NOCTUA (building X) of the University of Paderborn took place. In the coming months, the outdoor facilities will be built around the new building, which will soon receive its facade. We realized the outdoor facilities of building Y two years ago. Photo: © GTL


GIZ Campus | Eschborn

2. Prize | In collaboration with schneider + schumacher

The new campus of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH will have a new, highly flexible and modern office building. The outdoor facilities maintain local references and identity features of the GIZ. The open areas inside and outside offer agile working and multifunctional organizational development. Spaces are designed to be multifunctional. Plan: © GTL, schneider+schumacher

02 I 2021 PROJECT

House of Youth | Kassel


A modern city square for young people and children is being created under monument law aspects. The meeting place is characterized by a high-quality polygonal concrete paving. The central element is the curved noise protection wall which, in addition to the function of noise reduction, offers opportunities to stay.
The trees facing the building are preserved, they are planted under with ground cover and perennials. A new plant island with an integrated seating element is being built to Leipziger Strasse, planted with almond trees.
The basketball hoop and table tennis table are the result of the participation of children and young people and offer a spectrum of uses for old and young. Perspective ©GTL, Stadt Kassel


Landmark Turbinenwerk | Mannheim

3. Prize | In collaboration with netzwerkarchitekten

Located at the old gatehouse, the landmark forms the entrance to the former industrial site on Rollbühlstrasse. The site opens up via a spacious staircase and connects the flexibly usable ground floor zone of the building with the open space. Plan: @ GTL

01 | 2021 Project

IME BR Fraunhofer Institut| Gießen


The new Fraunhofer building in Gießen is a biotechnological research laboratory for the field of bioresources. Special attention is designated to the Insect biotechnology lab. GTL has designed and built the outdoor facilities and the green roof. The planting of the square is part of the Art in Construction project. Photo: © IME

01 | 2021 PROJECT

Vocational Training Center | Münnerstadt


The construction measures for the outdoor facilities of the BBZ in Münnerstadt have now been completed. The centerpiece is the campus courtyard and its seating steps that function as a meeting place. The design is created with uniform paving in warm color tones that is barrier-free and implements consistent furnishing elements. Photo: © Landratsamt Bad Kissingen

01 | 2021 Competition

New construction of a design studio for state vocational school and technical school for product design | Selb

1. Prize I In collaboration with Atelier 30 Architekten

The new building is divided into four pavilions, which are arranged in a windmill-like formation around a common center with a green inner courtyard. The building, with its sustainable and ecological timber construction, communicates evenly with the surrounding open spaces on all sides.
The central element of the forecourt is the birch grove. Perspective: © Atelier 30

12 | 2020 PROJECT

Renovation and expansion Landes- und Murhardsche Bibliothek | Kassel


In addition to projects throughout Germany, we are always happy to help shape Kassel to a certain extent. The outdoor facilities of the Murhard library have been under construction since August. The listed Murhard Library on Brüder-Grimm-Platz has been extensively renovated since July 2017 and has been expanded to the west with an attractive extension. The extension with around 680 square meters of main usable space will create an appropriate architectural framework for the contemporary presentation of the high-ranking cultural library treasures. We have designed the newly created inner courtyard between the old and the new building, the front area with a parking space suitable for the disabled and the surrounding green areas. Photo: © GTL

12 | 2020 PROJECT

Wolffskeelhalle | Markt Reichenberg


After winning 1st place in the competition together with Benkert Schäfer Architekten in spring 2020, we have now been awarded the contract following successful negotiations. The open space is divided into two levels that are connected by a generous staircase. Various plazas are created: a play area, a parking deck, an extension of the schoolyard area, and a representative forecourt with seating decks. Plan: © GTL

12 | 2020 PROJECT

Fahrraddirektweg Frankfurt - Darmstadt| Langen


In December, the Langen Süd section of the project "Radschnellverbindung Frankfurt-Darmstadt" was cycled together with clients and specialist planners at icy 0 ° C conditions to discuss the last planning details. The implementation plan has been completed and we are currently preparing the tender documents. Construction is expected to start in May 2021. Photo: © GTL

11 | 2020 PROJECT

Conversion und Expansion of the Uferstraße | Frankenberg


Completion of the project "Conversion and expansion of Uferstrasse Frankenberg". After two years of construction, the conversion of the former federal road into a pedestrian and cycle path promenade with an adjacent riverside park was completed. The space for car traffic was reduced in favor of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. A wide promenade now runs along the Eder with plenty of seating and a view of the landscape. Photo: © GTL

11 | 2020 PROJECT

Campus Construction Phase 5a + 5b | Fulda

Update | Start of Construction

After completion of the Campus Courtyard North, Centre and South, the development and open spaces in sections 5a + 5b along Leipziger Straße will be built in 2021. In the course of the conversion, the planting areas will be upgraded and the historic fencing and stairway access to the buildings will be renovated in accordance with the preservation order.
Two barrier-free access routes from Leipziger Straße to the campus will be added parallel to the main access. Photo: © GTL

11 I 2020 PROJECT

Campus Expansion | Fulda

Update | Start of Construction

In the course of the campus expansion of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, new attractive open spaces are being designed adjacent to the new buildings on Moltkestraße, which will be assigned to the Faculty of Nursing and Health. The construction of the open spaces has commenced here. Two new courtyards will mediate between the existing building structures and the new one. The designed spaces function as a meeting node, and a place to stay and work. Photo: © GTL

11 | 2020 PROJECT

Harbour Environment | Bad Karlshafen


Start of construction of the project "Bad Karlshafen harbor area". Our construction site for the renovation of the port area in Bad Karlshafen has started. From the summer of 2021, the planned baroque town in North Hessen will have a redesigned space at the inner-city harbor with spacious lounge areas. Areas for restaurants and tree planting. Photo: © GTL


District Developement Roleber | Bonn

2. Prize | In collaboration with Baufrösche Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH

The urban design focuses on the "good" neighborhood in the quartier. All building plots are clearly demarked and can utilize the special features of the allocated land for their "own neighborhood" and identity. The preservation of characteristic woody structures in combination with new green structures, a market place with gastronomy and a supermarket increases the qualities of stay and ecology for residents and visitors. Presentation: © GTL

08 I 2020 PROJECT

Private Garden | Waldeck-Frankenberg


We have been able to accompany this beautiful home garden project over the past few years. After an extension of the property, the garden was completely rebuilt on a former demolition area. We worked on a wide range of topics from the renovation of the historic city wall to the construction of a swimming pond to the planting of large trees for the desired privacy protection. Photo: © GTL

07 | 2020 Update

Port environment | Bad Karlshafen

Construction site update

For the project Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen regional natural stones will be used for 7000 square meters of pavement and plates. Today we visited the quarry Wülmersen before the construction work starts in autumn. Photo: © GTL

07 | 2020 Project

Berufsbildungszentrum | Münnerstadt

On the home straight!

After a successful competition in the small town of Münnerstadt, GTL is now involved in the planning and support of the new vocational training center's outdoor facilities of almost 14,000 m2. The school campus is divided into various sections such as a reading area or a courtyard. There is also an all-weather sports field with an adjacent step system made of concrete blocks and steps for access and stay. The planned completion of the project is expected for the new school year in September 2020. Photo: © GTL


RTunlimited | Reutlingen

1. Prize | In collaboration with HHS PLANER + ARCHITEKTEN BDA and LK Argus GmbH

The task of this traffic management competition, along with an urban planning realization, was to develop a future-oriented framework plan for a commercial and industrial area that shows the urban, open space, structural and infrastructural potentials under the aspects of sustainability, climate and social change, as well as the traffic turnaround. Important topics here are mobility and development in the urban planning concept of this area.

Graphic: © GTL/HHS

06 | 2020 Competition

Literature District Essen


Open space planning of the newly conceived literature district in Essen.
Our design strategy focuses on transforming the space , framed by the building’s structure, into distinguished, versatile and high quality meeting points.
The concept aims for a reinforced East-West connection, which materialises through an uninterrupted clear path for pedestrians and cyclists. This connection is characterized by a strong and resilient urban character, which adapts certain uses and functions.
The central square of the plot, which is part of this network, allocates the diverse usages into lively, open areas and quieter areas for retreat purposes. This division is highlighted with the use of room-framing elements such as folded, partially greened wooden decks.
The North-South connection has a dense, green character, intercepted with a balance of play and lounge areas.

Illustration © GTL

06 | 2020 PROJECT

Kita Helen-Keller-Straße | Essen


The project "Helen-Keller-Straße day care centre" in Essen is completed. The outdoor facilities are divided into an open entrance area with a dwell zone and a diverse play area for children under 3 years with different surfaces as a backdrop for stories and role play at the back of the building. Photo: © GTL

05 | 2020 Project

Completion of Königsstraße in Kassel

The construction phase of the Königsstraße has now been finalized with the tree planting on Friedrichsplatz and the furnishing of seating areas and bicycle stands. The redesign of the entire Königsstraße, which began six years ago, is now officially complete. The pedestrian zone is accentuated in the new image as its quality of stay and user-friendliness has vastly improved.
Photo: © GTL

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04 | 2020 Award

We are happy to announce our 4th place position in the Competitionline Ranking 2019/20. A big thank you goes to our great team & all our competition partners, without whom this achievement would not have been possible!

12 | 2019 Competition

Regional park "Adventure point" | Bad Vilbel 

1st Prize

The Bad Vilbel quarry is a cultural, historical and an ecological focal point. It is characterized by its unique spatial character that, coupled with advantageous climate conditions, creates a biodiversity hot-spot close to the city.

In order to make this historical landscape accessible, a design concept has been conceived to optimize the quarry’s potential as an experience point, and also to qualify it as a recreational area for the city of Bad Vilbel; all while respecting the framework of the RheinMain Regional Park. Visualisation: © GTL

11 | 2019 Competition

Townhall of the future | Mönchengladbach 

3rd Prize | In collaboration with RKW Architektur+, Arup Deutschland GmbH, Görtzen Stolbrink & Partner mbB

The competition entailed designing a harmonious fusion between the historic townhall and its contextual block structure, the Karstadt department store and the Sparkasse building to form a unified core ensemble.  Visualisation: © RKW Architektur+, GTL

More Information

10 | 2019 Competition

Construction of a triple sports hall with a grandstand an an outdoor area | Northeim

4th Prize | In collaboration with Troi Architekten

The competition requested a design strategy for the functional and high-quality embedding of the new triple sports hall, within the area’s urban and landscape context.

Along the eastern side, the ‘sports boulevard‘, a backbone access, is formed between the existing indoor pool and sports hall, and runs axially through the competition area in a north-south direction. Visualisation: © Troi Architekten, GTL

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10 | 2019 Awarded

Frankfurter Straße | Kassel

As part of the ‘Zukunft Stadtgrün‘ (Future Green City) funded initiative, Kassel city has awarded GTL the contract of design and implementation of one of its primary roads: Frankfurter Straße. The adopted landscape strategy consists on optimizing new tree locations, with respect of the underground utility lines and the diverse installation options. The greening concept implementation is anticipated by the end of July 2020. Photography: © GTL

09 | 2019 Final Stretch

Königsstraße | Kassel

The second construction phase of the Upper King’s Road is now in the final stretch. Hardscape pavement is within the last stages, and tree plantings shall be implemented in the following spring. Photography: © GTL

09 | 2019 Completion of the project | Inauguration

Eder waterfront park | Frankenberg (Eder)

On 28.09.2019, the Eder waterfront-fest took place in Frankenberg (Eder) to celebrate the inauguration of the Eder waterfront park. Among other design principles, this project incorporates the restoration and the environmental support of the stream Nemphe. Photography: © GTL

08 | 2019 Competiton

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum | Mödlareuth

4th Prize | In collaboration with Gunther Benkert architect and Babler + Lodde architects

Mödlareuth is an authentic living symbol of the German division, as this partition is still present today in both appearance and structure. The wall that ensured a consistent division between east and west is still partly present and legible in the village image – They are history’s footprint. The open space concept aims to highlight this footprint, in both the village and the landscape context, to connect it with the new museum building. It shall be accessible and usable through the different levels catered for both visitors and villagers alike. Visualization: © GTL, Benkert Schäfer Architekten Partnerschaft mbB, Babler+Lodde Architekten

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08 | 2019 Competition

Marienplatz | Darmstadt

1st Prize | In collaboration with Netzwerkarchitekten GmbH

The landscape on the north and south of the building differs significantly.
In the north, an urban character is shaped along the building, further materialized through a uniform pavement and modern furniture. Visualization: © GTL, Netzwerkarchitekten GmbH

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05 | 2019 Competition

Extension of the new district house Nordfriesland | Husum

2nd Prize | In collaboration with Krautwald Architects

The open space concept provides a functional, structural and high quality embedding of the building ensemble (district house, new building extension, and parking garage) into the existing urban and landscape structures.
Based on the spatial footprints of the outdoor facilities, the landscape consists of a large and openly designed plaza in the area between the district house and the new extension; and of green areas, which are divided by essential paths connections between the park and the district house. This area forms the so-called campus.

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04 | 2019 Competition

Lecture Hall and Event Center | Bremen

3rd Prize | In collaboration with pfp Planungs GmbH

The competition included the design of a new building located at the heart of the University of Bremen. It is intended to be used as a lecture hall and an event center. The main access point is through the boulevard and the street level via vertical foyer galleries and a wide staircase. The architecture and landscape interplay forms a strong and vibrant central hub. Visualization: © GTL, pfp

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04 | 2019 Competition

New Townhouse Building  | Bergisch Gladbach

2nd Prize | In collaboration with RKW architecture+

The landscape concept is based on the requirement for optimal routing of the square. The anticipated public flow circulates freely, specifically at the head of the tracks where there are minimal disturbances. This results in a simple, paved site: the new station square. The area is easily accessible from all directions. Visualization: © GTL, RKW architecture+

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04 | 2019 Competition

Urban Expansion - Kronsberg Süd  | Hannover

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Pape+Pape architects

The demarcation of the outdoor areas is resulted from the private front gardens, as the apartments correlated the private gardens to the communal courtyard. The topography of this courtyard compliments the natural gradient of the site. Infiltration takes place in the central unobstructed area. The communal space is planted with large trees, whereas the private gardens are planted with flowering shrubs. | Visualization: © GTL, Pape+Pape architects

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03 | 2019 Competition

Western Context ICE Train Station Fulda  | Fulda

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Schneider + Schumacher and Oppermann Ingenieure GmbH

The task entailed the planning of new urban squares and green spaces, with high quality resting areas, near the train station. The developed landscape concept emphasizes the creation of open, clear, and refined spaces and pathways, which respect the demand for an optimum and functional pedestrian network through the urban space. Visualization: © GTL

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01 | 2019 Competiton

Dieselstraße  | Hamburg

3rd Prize | In collaboration with LH architects

The design aims to complement the new housing development through a functional, creative, and high quality open space, which adapts with the existing urban planning and landscape structures. A new green network with essential connections has been created for the neighborhood through the linkages between the existing and newly designed open spaces. Visualization: © GTL, LH architects

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01 | 2019 Project Initiation

Hafenumfeld  | Bad Karlshafen

In collaboration with Oppermann Ingenieure

After the rehabilitation of the harbor wall, and the re-commissioning of the Weser-Schleuse, the central square in the North Hessian Bad Karlshafen now shines with a new light. With the historical renovation of the surrounding outdoor facilities, new opportunities for resting spaces, walkable spaces, catering and events have arose. Visualization: © GTL

11 | 2018 work begins

Construction work begins to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse I Frankenberg

In collaboration with Oppermann Ingenieure and EHS Ingenieure

Construction work has begun to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse in Frankenberg. The former main road is due to be transformed into a wide promenade. Traffic lanes will be narrowed in order to provide wider pedestrian and cycle paths, plus areas for resting. In addition to remodelling the roadside area, the natural environment adjacent to it alongside the River Eder will be improved, and riverside piers will offer new areas for relaxation. Once the tributary river Nemphe has undergone re-naturing, it will form the central element of the new riverside park. Visualization: © GTL

09 | 2018 Competition

Hotel at Lake Titisee | Saveris on the Lake

1st Prize | In collaboration with Franken Architekten GmbH

Here the external landscaping has been adapted in response to the local building tradition. Regional fruit tree varieties and the deciduous trees typical of the Black Forest are elements that link in with the existing landscape. Retaining walls and paved surfaces are made of traditionally used local materials, underlining the connection with the region. Visualization: © Franken Architekten

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09 | 2018 Competition

Luisenhöfe | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with Hector3

The scheme take up existing urban imprint and further extends it. The main access route spans from Mariabrunnstrasse towards the bunker. The resulting urban arrangement is formed by the space between the Werkshof and the Kastanienhof. There will be a transition between public and semi-private space.
The residential buildings will be accessed via the public roads. This arrangement results in protected and private spaces that will encourage people to spend time there.
An urban scheme is emerging that will be easily recognisable, with its own distinctive character within the neighbourhood.

More Information

09 | 2018 Competition

New building dormitory BGZ Simmerath | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS Architekten GmbH

With the traditional architecture the continuation of landscape has been provided by green car parking surfaces and linear tree design on the east side of the area. Site plan: © GTL

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08 | 2018 Completion

Pedestrian Zone, Obere Königsstraße Kassel

Completion of the first section

In a record time of seven weeks the first construction phase has been completed, ahead of the new school term. The work involved replacing the tramlines and repaving the area.
Special thanks are due to all those who helped to plan and implement this project in the Obere Königstrasse so speedily. | Photography: © GTL

08 | 2018 Completition

South Rostock University Campus

Please take a seat!

The new seating at Rostock University’s South Campus has now been set up. From now on, students will have somewhere comfortable to sit. | Photograpy: © Jakob Adolphi

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06 | 2018 GTL

Continuing professional education

In June the office went on a four-day continuing professional education excursion to Marseille. The purpose of the trip was to study Mediterranean vegetation, as well as local building projects. During these exciting and eventful days in the area we enhanced our knowledge of the south of France.  Photography: © GTL

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06 | 2018 Competition

Resident scheme at Buchhholzer Grün | Hannover

1. Price | In collaboration with Pape + Pape Architekten

To the north of the site, existing woodland encroaches onto the new district and weaves the new residential area into the surrounding urban landscape.

Site plan © GTL

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05 | 18 Competition

Düsseldorf Konrad Adenauer Place and station area

1st Prize |In collaboration with RKW Architektur +, Düsseldorf, and Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Konrad Adenauer Platz is a highly frequented plaza located in front of Düsseldorf station, and crossed by countless travellers, day-in, day-out. This elongated space runs adjacent to the similarly elongated station building. The design emphasizes this length with a row of trees running along the facade. This will bring a sense of order to the space, further underscored by the slender bus stops roofs, shaped like leaves.

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04 | 2018 Competition

Access building | Jülich Research Centre GmbH

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS + Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH

The access building forms basically a square, and this motif is also reflected in its courtyard.
A trapezoidal shaped space leads visitors from the Boulevard towards the new main entrance.

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03 | 2018 Competition

Masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III

3rd Prize |In collaboration with schneider+schuhmacher, Frankfurt am Main

The masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III demonstrates how open spaces in the new districts can be tied in with the surrounding landscape. The districts are also connected by a shared green corridor that runs between them.

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