09 | 2018 Competition

New building dormitory BGZ Simmerath | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS Architekten GmbH

With the traditional architecture the continuation of landscape has been provided by green car parking surfaces and linear tree design on the east side of the area.

Site plan: © GTL

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11 | 2018 work begins

Construction work begins to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse I Frankenberg

In collaboration with Oppermann Ingenieure and EHS Ingenieure

Construction work has begun to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse in Frankenberg. The former main road is due to be transformed into a wide promenade. Traffic lanes will be narrowed in order to provide wider pedestrian and cycle paths, plus areas for resting. In addition to remodelling the roadside area, the natural environment adjacent to it alongside the River Eder will be improved, and riverside piers will offer new areas for relaxation. Once the tributary river Nemphe has undergone re-naturing, it will form the central element of the new riverside park.

Visualization by GTL, Christian Thees

09 | 2018 Competition

Hotel at Lake Titisee | Saveris on the Lake

1st Prize | In collaboration with Franken Architekten GmbH

Here the external landscaping has been adapted in response to the local building tradition. Regional fruit tree varieties and the deciduous trees typical of the Black Forest are elements that link in with the existing landscape. Retaining walls and paved surfaces are made of traditionally used local materials, underlining the connection with the region. Visualization: © Franken Architekten

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09 | 2018 Competition

Luisenhöfe | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with Hector3

The scheme take up existing urban imprint and further extends it. The main access route spans from Mariabrunnstrasse towards the bunker. The resulting urban arrangement is formed by the space between the Werkshof and the Kastanienhof. There will be a transition between public and semi-private space.
The residential buildings will be accessed via the public roads. This arrangement results in protected and private spaces that will encourage people to spend time there.
An urban scheme is emerging that will be easily recognisable, with its own distinctive character within the neighbourhood.

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08 | 2018 Completion

Pedestrian Zone, Obere Königsstraße Kassel

Completion of the first section

In a record time of seven weeks the first construction phase has been completed, ahead of the new school term. The work involved replacing the tramlines and repaving the area.
Special thanks are due to all those who helped to plan and implement this project in the Obere Königstrasse so speedily. | Photography: © GTL

06 | 2018 Competition

Resident scheme at Buchhholzer Grün | Hannover

1. Price | In collaboration with Pape + Pape Architekten

To the north of the site, existing woodland encroaches onto the new district and weaves the new residential area into the surrounding urban landscape.

Site plan © GTL

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08 | 2018 Completition

South Rostock University Campus

Please take a seat!

The new seating at Rostock University’s South Campus has now been set up. From now on, students will have somewhere comfortable to sit. | Photograpy: © Jakob Adolphi

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04 | 2018 Competition

Access building | Jülich Research Centre GmbH

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS + Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH

The access building forms basically a square, and this motif is also reflected in its courtyard.
A trapezoidal shaped space leads visitors from the Boulevard towards the new main entrance.

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05 | 18 Competition

Düsseldorf Konrad Adenauer Place and station area

1st Prize |In collaboration with RKW Architektur +, Düsseldorf, and Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Konrad Adenauer Platz is a highly frequented plaza located in front of Düsseldorf station, and crossed by countless travellers, day-in, day-out. This elongated space runs adjacent to the similarly elongated station building. The design emphasizes this length with a row of trees running along the facade. This will bring a sense of order to the space, further underscored by the slender bus stops roofs, shaped like leaves.

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06 | 2018 GTL

Continuing professional education

In June the office went on a four-day continuing professional education excursion to Marseille. The purpose of the trip was to study Mediterranean vegetation, as well as local building projects. During these exciting and eventful days in the area we enhanced our knowledge of the south of France.  | Photography: @ GTL

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03 | 2018 Competition

Masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III

3rd Prize |In collaboration with schneider+schuhmacher, Frankfurt am Main

The masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III demonstrates how open spaces in the new districts can be tied in with the surrounding landscape. The districts are also connected by a shared green corridor that runs between them.

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