07 I 2020 Project

Berufsbildungszentrum | Münnerstadt

On the home straight!

After a successful competition in the small town of Münnerstadt, GTL is now involved in the planning and support of the new vocational training center's outdoor facilities of almost 14,000 m2. The school campus is divided into various sections such as a reading area or a courtyard. There is also an all-weather sports field with an adjacent step system made of concrete blocks and steps for access and stay. The planned completion of the project is expected for the new school year in September 2020. Photo: @ GTL

05 | 2020 Project

Completion of Königsstraße in Kassel

The construction phase of the Königsstraße has now been finalized with the tree planting on Friedrichsplatz and the furnishing of seating areas and bicycle stands. The redesign of the entire Königsstraße, which began six years ago, is now officially complete. The pedestrian zone is accentuated in the new image as its quality of stay and user-friendliness has vastly improved.
Photo by GTL, Felix Klein

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06 | 2020 Competition

Literature District Essen


Open space planning of the newly conceived literature district in Essen.
Our design strategy focuses on transforming the space , framed by the building’s structure, into distinguished, versatile and high quality meeting points.
The concept aims for a reinforced East-West connection, which materialises through an uninterrupted clear path for pedestrians and cyclists. This connection is characterized by a strong and resilient urban character, which adapts certain uses and functions.
The central square of the plot, which is part of this network, allocates the diverse usages into lively, open areas and quieter areas for retreat purposes. This division is highlighted with the use of room-framing elements such as folded, partially greened wooden decks.
The North-South connection has a dense, green character, intercepted with a balance of play and lounge areas.

Illustration by GTL, Mathias Gehring und Felix Jakubczyk

07 I 2020 Update

Port environment | Bad Karlshafen

Construction site update

For the project Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen regional natural stones will be used for 7000 square meters of pavement and plates. Today we visited the quarry Wülmersen before the construction work starts in autumn. Photo: @ GTL

04 I 2020 Award

We are happy to announce our 4th place position in the Competitionline Ranking 2019/20. A big thank you goes to our great team & all our competition partners, without whom this achievement would not have been possible!

12 | 2019 Competition

Regional park "Adventure point" |Bad Vilbel 

1st Prize

The Bad Vilbel quarry is a cultural, historical and an ecological focal point. It is characterized by its unique spatial character that, coupled with advantageous climate conditions, creates a biodiversity hot-spot close to the city.

In order to make this historical landscape accessible, a design concept has been conceived to optimize the quarry’s potential as an experience point, and also to qualify it as a recreational area for the city of Bad Vilbel; all while respecting the framework of the RheinMain Regional Park. | Visualisation: @GTL



11 | 2019 Competition

Townhall of the future | Mönchengladbach 

3rd Prize | In collaboration with RKW Architektur+, Arup Deutschland GmbH, Görtzen Stolbrink & Partner mbB

The competition entailed designing a harmonious fusion between the historic townhall and its contextual block structure, the Karstadt department store and the Sparkasse building to form a unified core ensemble. | Visualisation: @ RKW Architektur+, GTL

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10 | 2019 Competition

Construction of a triple sports hall with a grandstand an an outdoor area | Northeim

4th Prize | In collaboration with Troi Architekten

The competition requested a design strategy for the functional and high-quality embedding of the new triple sports hall, within the area’s urban and landscape context.

Along the eastern side, the ‘sports boulevard‘, a backbone access, is formed between the existing indoor pool and sports hall, and runs axially through the competition area in a north-south direction. Visualisation: @ Troi Architekten, GTL

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10 | 2019 Awarded

Frankfurter Straße | Kassel

As part of the ‘Zukunft Stadtgrün‘ (Future Green City) funded initiative, Kassel city has awarded GTL the contract of design and implementation of one of its primary roads: Frankfurter Straße. The adopted landscape strategy consists on optimizing new tree locations, with respect of the underground utility lines and the diverse installation options.  The greening concept implementation is anticipated by the end of July 2020. | Photography: @ GTL


09 | 2019 Final Stretch

Königsstraße | Kassel

The second construction phase of the Upper King’s Road is now in the final stretch. Hardscape pavement is within the last stages, and tree plantings shall be implemented in the following spring.| Photography: @ GTL


09 | 2019 Completion of the project | Inauguration

Eder waterfront park  | Frankenberg (Eder)

On 28.09.2019, the Eder waterfront-fest took place in Frankenberg (Eder) to celebrate the inauguration of the Eder waterfront park. Among other design principles, this project incorporates the restoration and the environmental support of the stream Nemphe.
| Photography: © GTL


08 | 2019 Competiton

Deutsch-Deutsches Museum | Mödlareuth

4th Prize | In collaboration with Gunther Benkert architect and Babler + Lodde architects

Mödlareuth is an authentic living symbol of the German division, as this partition is still present today in both appearance and structure. The wall that ensured a consistent division between east and west is still partly present and legible in the village image – They are history’s footprint. The open space concept aims to highlight this footprint, in both the village and the landscape context, to connect it with the new museum building. It shall be accessible and usable through the different levels catered for both visitors and villagers alike.
| Visualization: © GTL, Benkert Schäfer Architekten Partnerschaft mbB, Babler+Lodde Architekten

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08 | 2019 Competition

Marienplatz | Darmstadt

1st Prize | In collaboration with Netzwerkarchitekten GmbH

The landscape on the north and south of the building differs significantly.
In the north, an urban character is shaped along the building, further materialized through a uniform pavement and modern furniture. | Visualization: © GTL, Netzwerkarchitekten GmbH

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04 | 2019 Competition

Lecture Hall and Event Center | Bremen

3rd Prize | In collaboration with pfp Planungs GmbH

The competition included the design of a new building located at the heart of the University of Bremen. It is intended to be used as a lecture hall and an event center. The main access point is through the boulevard and the street level via vertical foyer galleries and a wide staircase. The architecture and landscape interplay forms a strong and vibrant central hub. | Visualization: © GTL, pfp

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05 | 2019 Competition

Extension of the new district house Nordfriesland | Husum

2nd Prize | In collaboration with Krautwald Architects

The open space concept provides a functional, structural and high quality embedding of the building ensemble (district house, new building extension, and parking garage) into the existing urban and landscape structures.
Based on the spatial footprints of the outdoor facilities, the landscape consists of a large and openly designed plaza in the area between the district house and the new extension; and of green areas, which are divided by essential paths connections between the park and the district house. This area forms the so-called campus.

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04 | 2019 Competition

New Townhouse Building  | Bergisch Gladbach

2nd Prize | In collaboration with RKW architecture+

The landscape concept is based on the requirement for optimal routing of the square. The anticipated public flow circulates freely, specifically at the head of the tracks where there are minimal disturbances. This results in a simple, paved site: the new station square. The area is easily accessible from all directions.| Visualization: © GTL, RKW architecture+

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04 | 2019 Competition

Urban Expansion - Kronsberg Süd  | Hannover

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Pape+Pape architects

The demarcation of the outdoor areas is resulted from the private front gardens, as the apartments correlated the private gardens to the communal courtyard. The topography of this courtyard compliments the natural gradient of the site. Infiltration takes place in the central unobstructed area. The communal space is planted with large trees, whereas the private gardens are planted with flowering shrubs. | Visualization: © GTL, Pape+Pape architects

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03 | 2019 Competition

Western Context ICE Train Station Fulda  | Fulda

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Schneider + Schumacher and Oppermann Ingenieure GmbH

The task entailed the planning of new urban squares and green spaces, with high quality resting areas, near the train station. The developed landscape concept emphasizes the creation of open, clear, and refined spaces and pathways, which respect the demand for an optimum and functional pedestrian network through the urban space. | Visualization: © GTL

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01 | 2019 Competiton

Dieselstraße  | Hamburg

3rd Prize | In collaboration with LH architects

The design aims to complement the new housing development through a functional, creative, and high quality open space, which adapts with the existing urban planning and landscape structures. A new green network with essential connections has been created for the neighborhood through the linkages between the existing and newly designed open spaces. | Visualization: © GTL, LH architects

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01 | 2019 Project Initiation

Hafenumfeld  | Bad Karlshafen

In collaboration with Oppermann Ingenieure

After the rehabilitation of the harbor wall, and the re-commissioning of the Weser-Schleuse, the central square in the North Hessian Bad Karlshafen now shines with a new light. With the historical renovation of the surrounding outdoor facilities, new opportunities for resting spaces, walkable spaces, catering and events have arose. | Visualization: GTL

09 | 2018 Competition

New building dormitory BGZ Simmerath | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS Architekten GmbH

With the traditional architecture the continuation of landscape has been provided by green car parking surfaces and linear tree design on the east side of the area.

Site plan: © GTL

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11 | 2018 work begins

Construction work begins to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse I Frankenberg

In collaboration with Oppermann Ingenieure and EHS Ingenieure

Construction work has begun to upgrade and extend the Uferstrasse in Frankenberg. The former main road is due to be transformed into a wide promenade. Traffic lanes will be narrowed in order to provide wider pedestrian and cycle paths, plus areas for resting. In addition to remodelling the roadside area, the natural environment adjacent to it alongside the River Eder will be improved, and riverside piers will offer new areas for relaxation. Once the tributary river Nemphe has undergone re-naturing, it will form the central element of the new riverside park.

Visualization by GTL, Christian Thees

09 | 2018 Competition

Hotel at Lake Titisee | Saveris on the Lake

1st Prize | In collaboration with Franken Architekten GmbH

Here the external landscaping has been adapted in response to the local building tradition. Regional fruit tree varieties and the deciduous trees typical of the Black Forest are elements that link in with the existing landscape. Retaining walls and paved surfaces are made of traditionally used local materials, underlining the connection with the region. Visualization: © Franken Architekten

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09 | 2018 Competition

Luisenhöfe | Aachen

1st Prize | In collaboration with Hector3

The scheme take up existing urban imprint and further extends it. The main access route spans from Mariabrunnstrasse towards the bunker. The resulting urban arrangement is formed by the space between the Werkshof and the Kastanienhof. There will be a transition between public and semi-private space.
The residential buildings will be accessed via the public roads. This arrangement results in protected and private spaces that will encourage people to spend time there.
An urban scheme is emerging that will be easily recognisable, with its own distinctive character within the neighbourhood.

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08 | 2018 Completion

Pedestrian Zone, Obere Königsstraße Kassel

Completion of the first section

In a record time of seven weeks the first construction phase has been completed, ahead of the new school term. The work involved replacing the tramlines and repaving the area.
Special thanks are due to all those who helped to plan and implement this project in the Obere Königstrasse so speedily. | Photography: © GTL

06 | 2018 Competition

Resident scheme at Buchhholzer Grün | Hannover

1. Price | In collaboration with Pape + Pape Architekten

To the north of the site, existing woodland encroaches onto the new district and weaves the new residential area into the surrounding urban landscape.

Site plan © GTL

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08 | 2018 Completition

South Rostock University Campus

Please take a seat!

The new seating at Rostock University’s South Campus has now been set up. From now on, students will have somewhere comfortable to sit. | Photograpy: © Jakob Adolphi

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04 | 2018 Competition

Access building | Jülich Research Centre GmbH

1st Prize | In collaboration with HKS + Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH

The access building forms basically a square, and this motif is also reflected in its courtyard.
A trapezoidal shaped space leads visitors from the Boulevard towards the new main entrance.

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05 | 18 Competition

Düsseldorf Konrad Adenauer Place and station area

1st Prize |In collaboration with RKW Architektur +, Düsseldorf, and Vössing Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

Konrad Adenauer Platz is a highly frequented plaza located in front of Düsseldorf station, and crossed by countless travellers, day-in, day-out. This elongated space runs adjacent to the similarly elongated station building. The design emphasizes this length with a row of trees running along the facade. This will bring a sense of order to the space, further underscored by the slender bus stops roofs, shaped like leaves.

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06 | 2018 GTL

Continuing professional education

In June the office went on a four-day continuing professional education excursion to Marseille. The purpose of the trip was to study Mediterranean vegetation, as well as local building projects. During these exciting and eventful days in the area we enhanced our knowledge of the south of France.  | Photography: @ GTL

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03 | 2018 Competition

Masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III

3rd Prize |In collaboration with schneider+schuhmacher, Frankfurt am Main

The masterplan for Karlsruhe Neureut – Centre III demonstrates how open spaces in the new districts can be tied in with the surrounding landscape. The districts are also connected by a shared green corridor that runs between them.

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