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2. Prize I FORUM Communication Center


In cooperation with Behnisch Architekten

With the Communication Center Forum, the Friedrich Schiller University is creating a building in the city center of Jena, between the Inselplatz campus in the east and the historic city center in the west, planned according to ecological guidelines for attractive meeting and work opportunities between students and teachers. Conferences, exhibitions, gastronomic facilities and overnight accommodations will also find their place here.

The open space is not only seen as a pathway, but is interpreted as a communication and recreation area that presents itself in an open and inviting manner. This urban fugue and the FORUM will welcome students, scientists and interested people and accompany them during their stay in Jena. A ‘welcome area’ in the eastern ground floor area can be opened and extended towards the square, which increases the flexibility of use and connects interior and exterior space.

On the northern side, the staircase to the lower emergency exits is relocated and, with the green area and a generous bench, an additional lounge area is created here with direct reference to the square and the FORUM.

© GTL, Behnisch

The café in the western ground floor area is slightly lowered opposite the path area and the square in the west. Here, a transition is created with seating steps and a staircase, which also invites people to linger.

The square in the west will be used for parking for the time being. However, the required 14 parking spaces will be arranged in such a way that the paved areas and part of the tree planting can already be realized in the first step.

In the second step, there will be further tree plantings and an addition of furniture, so that a small paved town square will be created here. The path surfaces will be designed with two different materials. Existing natural stone and new, large-format slabs symbolize the connection between history and the future. Benches and steps will be placed in front of the café in the band of slabs that separates these areas.