1. Prize I Town Hall Market


A contemporary open space concept is being developed for the Rathausmarkt, which provides in particular for clarity and the ordering of functions and spaces. By connecting different spatial structures, a calm center with a multifunctional square is created. A generous staircase with benches offers passers-by the opportunity to relax with a view of the market and the town hall, as well as to listen to the soothing splash of the water feature of the fountain. The existing trees will be supplemented by others to provide a visual and acoustic separation between the street and the market.


The main area is free of car traffic and ideal for small events or a market. The new Rathausmarkt is intended primarily for pedestrians. The market can be reached by car and bicycle via the terrace on Nürnberger Straße. Bicycle parking spaces are located here for cyclists. On the northern side, there is a barrier-free access that can also be used by residents and the fire department, and on the southern side, the stores can be reached from Nürnberger Straße. The square is secured by the existing bollards. At the northern corner, the existing parking spaces can be supplemented by an e-charging station, which will make the Rathausmarkt more attractive and modern.


Material and Equipment

Currently, irregular paving and vegetation structures lie in front of the building facades.

paving and vegetation structures. The open space is defined by a targeted use of different floor coverings and materials to mark use and functional areas and at the same time to achieve a uniform coordinated appearance. The area of large stone pavers marks the movement space between the adjacent stores, the town hall and the streets. The inner plaza of natural stone forms the recreation area and provides space for markets, festivals and other events. The furniture and equipment is robust and timeless. The fountain area changes the microclimate. Visitors can cool off by the water or watch it from a distance and enjoy the relaxing effect of the water. The water feature will also be well received by children, who will enjoy visiting this space to romp and play. Four flagpoles and the new position of the memorial plaque in front of the town hall complete the square.