Harbour district

Bad Karlshafen

In collaboration with: Oppermann GmbH, Ulrike Brandi Licht

Client: Magistrat der Stadt Bad Karlshafen
Area: 9.000 qm
Cost: 1.983.354 Euro
Service Phases: Lph 1-9
Duration: 2019-2021


Following the renovation of the harbor wall and the reopening of the Weser lock, the central square in Bad Karlshafen in northern Hesse has already been given a new look. The surrounding open spaces have been redeveloped in their historical context and new opportunities have been created for people to stay and stroll, for gastronomy and events. Forty-one roof-shaped lime trees were planted in a hydraulically bound surface layer, completing the baroque character and providing shade for the squares. The surfaces are paved with regional Weser sandstone in segmental arches and designed with large-format natural stone slabs along the harbor wall.

By reusing existing paving and slabs, a sustainable and cost-reducing way was found to recreate the historic environment with high structural quality. The barrier-free paved areas are generously laid out, allowing flexible use of different events and permanent outdoor catering.

The baroque planned city with its inner city harbor was given effect lighting to highlight important buildings and elements with a subtle glimmer of light. Together with the new street lighting, the result is a harmonious picture in the evening hours.

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