1. Prize | Gassnerallee customs port


In collaboration with schneider + schumacher

The new building ensemble consisting of a day-care centre and a three-field sports hall plays a special role in the Zollhafen district, which is otherwise dominated by residential and commercial areas. The new building parts occupy the site mainly as single-storey buildings. The day care centre has a multipurpose room on the upper floor with a terrace in front. As a contrast to an urban environment in which children grow up in multi-storey residential buildings, all groups receive their own small ‘house’ with a direct ground-floor connection to the outdoor space, which, in addition to play areas for all, also offers smaller, sheltered and covered spaces. The three-court sports hall is buried by one storey to attractively interweave the activities inside with the surrounding urban space via the glass façade. The optional padel court is located at the northern tip of the site. Farm bike parking is located along the building to the east and south.