© GTL, mt2 Architekten I Stadtplaner BDA

2. Prize I Habakuk Daycare Centerk


In collaboration with mt2 Architekten I Stadtplaner BDA, TRAGRAUM Ingenieure PartmbB

The basic concept of the open space planning revolves around a clearing motif. The adjacent forest extends into the processing area, and encloses its edge, thus forming a clearing-like situation.
The new daycare center, with its open spaces and the existing facilities, such as the multi-generation playground and the sports field, fits naturally into the tree structure and thus syncing as part of the forest or the clearing.

© GTL, mt2 Architekten I Stadtplaner BDA

The result is an atmospherically natural overall picture in which the architecture and the surrounding landscape function as a unit.

The outdoor play area is divided into three “islands” with differentiated, age-specific games. The “play islands” are implemented freely in a spacious meadow and are arranged in such a way that they are oriented towards the respective group rooms.

© mt2 Architekten I Stadtplaner BDA

© GTL, mt2 Architekten I Stadtplaner BDA

Scattered tree implementations create shaded areas and structures the overall space – in which different play areas are atmospherically created but which maintain a clearly visible and manageable system.

The aim is to create a robust, and varied range of games that stimulate the imagination and encourage the children’s urge to move.