3rd Prize | Dieselstraße


In collaboration with LH architects

The design aims to complement the new housing development through a functional, creative, and high quality open space, which adapts with the existing urban planning and landscape structures. A new green network with essential connections has been created for the neighborhood through the linkages between the existing and newly designed open spaces.

Hornbeam hedges, a native plant which is widely adopted in designs throughout the district, is applied in the facade-side of the street and roadway as a clear distinction between public and private open spaces.
This delineation is further highlighted by rows of trees that emphasize a neat and clearly structured exterior zoning. 

Contrary to the familiar and orderly layout of public spaces, the Dieselstraße design opted for a dynamic yet introverted design scheme. The composition of slab alongside polygonal grass bands, generated a semi-public and private spaces that cater to a diversity of utilization and appropriation possibilities. It allows for playful, contemplative and free spaces within the courtyards. The layout also creates a border made of grass and shrub plantations to conceal from public open space.

The result is an artistically clear differentiation between the interior and exterior.