3. Prize | Literaturquartier


The design strategy provides the open spaces created by the buildings, spatially strong and versatile atmospheres that further create diverse, and high-quality places of stay.
Surrounding, and existing connections are linked to create a strong network.

The concept enables a strengthened east-west connection, which ensures a clear and well-arranged flow of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. This connection has a strong urban and public character, which allows versatile uses and functions.

Darstellungen: GTL

The design of the central square of the quarter, which is part of this connection, divides the usage requirements into lively, open areas and quieter areas of retreat. This is achieved by means of strict space-forming elements in the form of folded, partially greened wooden decks. These are arranged in such a way that a clear axis is kept free to ensure traffic influx.

The three decks move away from the traffic axis and thus create locations that are centrally located on the square, but simultaneously have a certain distance from the heavily frequented area of the square. In addition, the open spaces assigned to the buildings are kept free for commercial and gastronomic uses. There is a clear zoning of the square!

The greening of the north-south connection flows into the more private courtyards of the development, creating a more spacious, park-like atmosphere. Diverse, and selectively set play areas are integrated into the design of the green spaces which create a varied, and creatively appealing offer. While tall trees on the urban east-west axis emphasize the generosity of the open space, in the north-south connection, smaller multi-trunk tree plantings in combination with wild perennials are implemented.

Our design language is influenced on the one hand by the urban structure and in an abstract form on the subject of literature. The folded wooden decks are derived from the image of an open book and materialized. They can be used in many ways, whether for sitting, lying or playing. You have to explore and discover it … just like a good book.