1. Price | Lido Twistesee

Bad Arolsen

Projected with POOL 2 Architekten, Kassel
The new lido is located along the access road in the southern area of the beach facilities. Densely wooded vegetation stretches out on the southern side of the building.

The chosen site for this new building offers a clear spatial border for the beach area while also allowing the conception of a cohesive landscape design.
To compensate for the big differences in the elevation of the terrain and to simultaneously open up the site, the existing shrub securing the slope will be mostly replaced by spacious terracing.

The seating steps, geometrically reduced to straight lines and arcs, follow in a stylized way the natural curve of the shore along the entire length of the beach complex. With this layout, the lawn between the steps is not too inclined and can also be used to lie on.