Königsstraße Kassel

Kassel 1. BA Untere Königsstraße (under construction)

Kassel Completion 2017
Client: Stadt Kassel
Area: ca. 15.400 sqm
ca. 6 Mio. Euro
Service Phases: Lph 2 – 9
Duration: 2013 – 2018 under construction

Kassel’s infamous Königsstraße, both the upper and lower levels from Fünffensterstraße to Kurt-Schumacher-Straße, had become outdated and time-worn. In addition to its high maintenance costs and lack of design quality, the 1960s pedestrian zone has been completely renovated to restore and accentuate the attractive city center for all users.

The primary landscape strategy was a fundamental redesign of the hardscape layer, which was largely discontinuous. The entire pedestrian zone has been redesigned as homogeneous as possible, in accordance with its central and regional significance. Moreover, a customized furniture concept has been integrated.

The tram system remained operational throughout the construction phase.

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