05 | 2021 PROJECT

Inner city Greening Concept | Kassel

Project Launch

In spring we were awarded the contract for the inner city greening project. During our initial inspections with the Blattwerker company, we were able to get an overall idea of the current conditions of the existing trees, along with our initial assessments in regards to potential new tree locations, green spaces and common areas for the streets and squares.
The planning is part of the ‘Future Green City’ funding program, which deals with sustainable development specifically in terms of climate protection. Mainly three sub-areas are considered for the planning: Schillerviertel, Kölnische Straße / Ständeplatz, Altstadt / Fuldaufer. The process shall take place in collaboration with the office Oppermann und Blattwerker.
We look forward to making our contribution again in making our city greener and more beautiful. Photo: © GTL