07 | 2020 Project

Berufsbildungszentrum | Münnerstadt

On the home straight!

After a successful competition in the small town of Münnerstadt, GTL is now involved in the planning and support of the new vocational training center's outdoor facilities of almost 14,000 m2. The school campus is divided into various sections such as a reading area or a courtyard. There is also an all-weather sports field with an adjacent step system made of concrete blocks and steps for access and stay. The planned completion of the project is expected for the new school year in September 2020. Photo: © GTL

07 | 2020 Update

Port environment | Bad Karlshafen

Construction site update

For the project Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen regional natural stones will be used for 7000 square meters of pavement and plates. Today we visited the quarry Wülmersen before the construction work starts in autumn. Photo: © GTL

06 | 2020 PROJECT

Kita Helen-Keller-Straße | Essen


The project "Helen-Keller-Straße day care centre" in Essen is completed. The outdoor facilities are divided into an open entrance area with a dwell zone and a diverse play area for children under 3 years with different surfaces as a backdrop for stories and role play at the back of the building. Photo: © GTL

11 | 2022 Expansion to Hamburg

New Office in Hamburg

In April of this year, we opened another location in the city of Hamburg. This office is run by Sonja Bruns and Katrin Mauer and is located not far from Sternschanzenpark in Susannenstraße. In the meantime, the two have received active support from 2 interns and another employee.




09 | 2022 Advanced training

Excursion Hamburg 2022

In September we were in Hamburg with the whole office and discovered many exciting urban planning / landscape architecture projects during 3 days.





Emil-von-Behring High School | Spardorf

1st Prize | In collaboration with Babler + Lodde Architects

With the new building of the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium in Spardorf near Erlangen, a sustainable school campus is being created in interaction with the cafeteria, library, gymnasium and Ernst-Penzoldt-Schule with central access via the common break yard. The topography is integrated, individual partial spaces are defined, and the outdoor facilities are structured by a square grid and linked to the interior architecture.
©GTL, Babler + Lodde

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School Campus Gellershagen | Bielefeld

3rd Prize | In collaboration with Atelier 30 Architekten GmbH

With the expansion of the secondary school, the new construction of the elementary school and a triple sports hall, the Gellershagen school campus is being created with a large break and play yard in the center. Diverse 'green' action fields distributed in the paved area offer play, learning and sports opportunities. ©GTL, Atelier 30

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Mainova Campus Solmsstraße | Frankfurt

Recognition | In collaboration with hks Architekten GmbH

A skywalk frames the inner courtyard of the campus with the new building ensemble, where the architectural monument "water tower" in a water basin is the central element. The various uses of the existing and new buildings are accompanied by trees along the railroad line and various sports areas, play areas and outdoor recreation facilities. The urban forecourt on Birkenweg emphasizes an open and urban character, while the inner courtyards of the apartments create quiet places to stay.

©GTL, hks

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City Hall | Weilmünster

3. Prize | In collaboration with Meurer Generalplaner GmbH

The lighthouse project in terms of inner-city integration, functionality and sustainability includes a contemporary open space concept through a clear order of function and spaces. Central and linking is the multifunctional square.

Graphic: ©Meurer Generalplaner GmbH, GTL

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FORUM Communication Center University | Jena

2. Prize | In collaboration with Behnisch Architekten

At the Friedrich-Schiller University a sustainable building with attractive meeting and working possibilities for students and teachers is being built in the historic city center. The open spaces as communication and recreation areas are open and inviting.

Graphic: © GTL, Behnisch Architekten

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