07 | 2020 Project

Berufsbildungszentrum | Münnerstadt

On the home straight!

After a successful competition in the small town of Münnerstadt, GTL is now involved in the planning and support of the new vocational training center's outdoor facilities of almost 14,000 m2. The school campus is divided into various sections such as a reading area or a courtyard. There is also an all-weather sports field with an adjacent step system made of concrete blocks and steps for access and stay. The planned completion of the project is expected for the new school year in September 2020. Photo: © GTL

07 | 2020 Update

Port environment | Bad Karlshafen

Construction site update

For the project Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen regional natural stones will be used for 7000 square meters of pavement and plates. Today we visited the quarry Wülmersen before the construction work starts in autumn. Photo: © GTL

06 | 2020 PROJECT

Kita Helen-Keller-Straße | Essen


The project "Helen-Keller-Straße day care centre" in Essen is completed. The outdoor facilities are divided into an open entrance area with a dwell zone and a diverse play area for children under 3 years with different surfaces as a backdrop for stories and role play at the back of the building. Photo: © GTL

02 | 2023 Job Ad

We are looking for new colleagues!

We are a design-oriented, broad-based landscape architecture firm and work on national and international projects and competitions.

We are looking for landscape architects (Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc., B.Sc.) to support our team in Hamburg, Kassel or Hannover. We are looking for enthusiasm for open space planning, the ability to work in a team and independently. The command of the German language in word and writing is a prerequisite. We offer a performance-based, flexible contract structure and a variety of opportunities for further training.

We welcome digital applications to: kontakt@gtl-kassel.de

04 | 2023 Project

State Garden Show Höxter 2023


Spring is here. The 19th State Garden Show in North Rhine-Westphalia has opened. From April 20 to October 15, visitors can marvel at the months of work in and around Höxter. We say thank you to Franz Reschke Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH and to the whole team of the Landesgartenschau Höxter gGmbH for the great cooperation.


08 | 2023 Project

Forecourt of the Federal Social Court in Kassel


As part of our project 'Vorplatz Bundessozialgericht Kassel', the entrance area of the Bundessozialgericht was redesigned. With the construction of the extension, it became necessary to redesign the entrance, as the length of the main access path and thus the height situation changed at this point. A coherent overall picture of the entrance situation was created by a uniform design of the pavement. The water and nutrient supply of an existing tree on the forecourt was optimised with the help of a larger tree disc and soil improvement measures.


04 | 2024 Project

Heilbronn police headquarters


As part of the expansion of the police headquarters in Heilbronn, the outdoor facilities and the access road, including the car parks, were redesigned. The site is also home to the ‘Heilbronn Capital’ artwork by documenta artist Prof Thomas Lenk, which has now been reconstructed in a different location. The two associated water basins now shine in a bright orange colour and have also been repositioned to allow access by the fire brigade for both the police headquarters and the neighbouring tax office. A central green space echoes the artist's concept and the paved areas are blended with the open spaces so that the proportion of sealed surfaces is kept to a minimum.

The project was developed in collaboration with the architects from Atelier30.

© Roland Halbe

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05 | 2024 Project

Wunstorf paediatric and adolescent psychiatric ward


When designing the outdoor areas of the paediatric and adolescent psychiatric ward in Wunstorf, the focus is on the well-being of the young patients. The play and recreation area was equipped with a colourful plastic surface with organic patterns that invite children to play. Circumferential concrete benches offer space to relax and also serve as a ball game area.

The valley in the east of the site has a special recreational and play value. Stairs and a gently modelled slope provide accessibility here. The valley is also home to the central play area and a retaining wall equipped with climbing holds.

The forecourt, which connects the new building with the villa, was given new seating elements and bicycle racks. Thanks to its geometry, it allows access for the fire brigade and delivery traffic and has three car parking spaces for the disabled.


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06 | 2024 Project

Frankfurter Straße Kassel

Completion 1st construction phase

Over the past two years, possible tree locations for upgrading the public space on Frankfurter Strasse were identified in a first construction phase. The main difficulty here was finding suitable locations. Many cables are laid in the street and stretched across the road in the form of overhead lines.

In the first construction phase, 15 suitable locations were identified and appropriate trees and shrubs were planted. Care was taken to ensure that they were given the largest possible root space despite the many requirements (space requirements, winter road clearance, pedestrians and cyclists, signalling systems, etc.). Some of the tree pits were connected with so-called root trenches, which are not visible on the surface.

We recently visited the project to document their development and are satisfied: All the trees have grown well. Now we have to wait until their crowns continue to develop and provide shade on Frankfurter Strasse in the future.


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07 | 2023 Project

Thiele Aue Bad Arolsen


After a long period of planning, our project in Bad Arolsen was officially opened on Friday!
We are very happy to be able to give the residents of the town access to the Thiele again. The newly designed natural space encloses the Thiele stream and forms a floodplain that offers play and recreation opportunities for all age groups. A new playground, a skate park, various recreational facilities and new tree plantings complete the design over a total length of 1.37 km.