07 | 2020 Project

Berufsbildungszentrum | Münnerstadt

On the home straight!

After a successful competition in the small town of Münnerstadt, GTL is now involved in the planning and support of the new vocational training center's outdoor facilities of almost 14,000 m2. The school campus is divided into various sections such as a reading area or a courtyard. There is also an all-weather sports field with an adjacent step system made of concrete blocks and steps for access and stay. The planned completion of the project is expected for the new school year in September 2020. Photo: © GTL

07 | 2020 Update

Port environment | Bad Karlshafen

Construction site update

For the project Hafenumfeld Bad Karlshafen regional natural stones will be used for 7000 square meters of pavement and plates. Today we visited the quarry Wülmersen before the construction work starts in autumn. Photo: © GTL

06 | 2020 PROJECT

Kita Helen-Keller-Straße | Essen


The project "Helen-Keller-Straße day care centre" in Essen is completed. The outdoor facilities are divided into an open entrance area with a dwell zone and a diverse play area for children under 3 years with different surfaces as a backdrop for stories and role play at the back of the building. Photo: © GTL


Town Hall Market  | Bebra

1. Prize

The traffic-calmed market square will be redesigned as a multifunctional space with generous stairs, benches for lingering, a water feature and complementary tree planting. The town hall and the surrounding stores are accessible without barriers.

Graphic: ©GTL

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Skyscraper Marienplatz  | Darmstadt

1. Prize | In collaboration with netzwerkarchitekten, Tragraum Ingenieure

A promenade is being created between the publishing district and the city center as a forecourt for the high-rise building on Marienplatz.  The roofs of the buildings will be designed as garden terraces and the surrounding balconies of the high-rise building will be landscaped with intensive planting in troughs.

Graphic: ©netzwerkarchitekten, GTL

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Cuno-Raabe-School | Fulda

1. Prize + Award of contract | In collaboration with netzwerkarchitekten, Tragraum Ingenieure

The identity-creating listed building of the former church will be integrated into the school's everyday life for subsequent use. The centerpiece of this sustainable and resource-saving project is a spacious and versatile schoolyard between the church and the new building.

Graphic: ©netzwerkarchitekten, GTL

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6-Lakes Wedau Water Tower | Duisburg

1. Prize | In collaboration with Druscke und Grosser Architektur

"6-Lakes Wedau" - a new sustainable and future-oriented quarter at the identity-creating water tower in Duisburg.

Two ensemble groups are being created, distinguished by different building volumes and uses, connected via Planstrasse C. The complete ensemble is harmoniously integrated into the park area and is based on the theme of sustainability. Compact building structures are created as well as an outdoor space that promotes biodiversity. Through the use and structuring of the building structures and open spaces, communication and networking between the residents is stimulated.

Graphic: © Druscke und Grosser Architektur


RTunlimited | Reutlingen

1. Prize | In collaboration with HHS PLANER + ARCHITEKTEN BDA and LK Argus GmbH

The task of this traffic management competition, along with an urban planning realization, was to develop a future-oriented framework plan for a commercial and industrial area that shows the urban, open space, structural and infrastructural potentials under the aspects of sustainability, climate and social change, as well as the traffic turnaround. Important topics here are mobility and development in the urban planning concept of this area.

Graphic: © GTL/HHS

08 I 2020 PROJECT

Private Garden | Waldeck-Frankenberg


We have been able to accompany this beautiful home garden project over the past few years. After an extension of the property, the garden was completely rebuilt on a former demolition area. We worked on a wide range of topics from the renovation of the historic city wall to the construction of a swimming pond to the planting of large trees for the desired privacy protection. Photo: © GTL

01 | 2021 Project

IME BR Fraunhofer Institut| Gießen


The new Fraunhofer building in Gießen is a biotechnological research laboratory for the field of bioresources. Special attention is designated to the Insect biotechnology lab. GTL has designed and built the outdoor facilities and the green roof. The planting of the square is part of the Art in Construction project. Photo: © IME