05 | 2024 Project

Wunstorf paediatric and adolescent psychiatric ward


When designing the outdoor areas of the paediatric and adolescent psychiatric ward in Wunstorf, the focus is on the well-being of the young patients. The play and recreation area was equipped with a colourful plastic surface with organic patterns that invite children to play. Circumferential concrete benches offer space to relax and also serve as a ball game area.

The valley in the east of the site has a special recreational and play value. Stairs and a gently modelled slope provide accessibility here. The valley is also home to the central play area and a retaining wall equipped with climbing holds.

The forecourt, which connects the new building with the villa, was given new seating elements and bicycle racks. Thanks to its geometry, it allows access for the fire brigade and delivery traffic and has three car parking spaces for the disabled.


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