Springorum Park


Client: City of Bochum, Environment and Green Space Office
Cost: 1.152.825 €
Area: appr. 500.000 sqm
Service Phases: Lph 1-3, 5-6, 8, planning + construction in sections
Duration: since 2016

The Springorum Park is located in the Bochum Weitmar district, south of Bochum’s city center. The Springorum coal-fired power plant was located on the current site of the Springorum Park until it was closed in 1986. The power plant technology was then sold to China and the building was demolished. In 1990 the industrial wasteland was transformed into the Springorum Innovation Park in which numerous companies are based there today.

Many green and open spaces complete the area. The covered old landfill “An der Holtbrügge” is also located on the site. At the moment, many areas are lying fallow and disordered. There is no discernible connection between the many different uses of the space. Since the free space has already been reduced by several planning projects, the city would like to secure the preservation of this nature and landscape, as well as leisure and recreation areas.

In the extremely urban space, the Springorum Park has an important function as a climatic compensation space. Green in the urabn setting is a central component for liveable cities, especially in the largest metropolitan area in Germany. The planned landscape and climate park will underline and combine all the important functions of the open space.

The focus is on nature and landscape, upgrading climate functions, improving urban green infrastructure, networking public open spaces, increasing the quality of life and living, as well as environmental education and community participation. The residents are seen as the main user group.

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