Apartments on the Buckower fields


Client: Senate Department for Urban Development & the Environment Berlin
Area: 10 ha
Service Phases: Framework Plan
Duration: 2012 – 2013
In collaboration with: ANP, Kassel

The project entails a new residential area in the urban landscape. The aim is to develop the “Buckower Fields” into an attractive urban area as well as a tangible landscape that can be carefully integrated into the existing transition area between the outskirts of Berlin and the open field landscape. Based on the original village of “Buckow”, several horizontal fields form the backbone of the newly emerging settlement and connect the western green and local recreation area with the building area. In addition, the resulting green structures extend from the landscape into the garden zones of the planned quarter.

The apartment building along Buckower Damm and Gerlinger Straße is refered to on the one hand as a mediation between the heterogeneous typologies and densities in the existing building, on the other hand this development represents a noise protection for the subsequent residential development. The existing, vertically oriented green structures in the area west of the riding stables, are to be undertaken and structured as part of the landscape design. Overall, the result is an ecologically productive and simultaneously divers green and local recreation area, made up of orchards and pastures, can be used by the residents of the entire district as well as as neighboring businesses.

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