Public space


Owner: Stadt Eschwege
Area: ca. 15.500 qm
Scope of service: 1-3, danach abschnittsweise bis 8
Planning period: 2010-2013

This plan aims to accentuate the beauty of the landscape and the history of the region by clustering the potentials of the cities surrounding Eschwege.

The basic idea

In our concept, the “gems” of Eschwege and the access to the Werra River are all connected through a uniform soft natural stone pavement. The downtown routes are paved with a combination of sawn and stacked cobblestones and natural stone slabs.
This goes along with the style of the half-timbered houses, allowing the historic city to maintain its quiet yet lively basis.

This consistent pavement connects the market church to the square Nikolaiplatz, as well as the castle and the street Stad to the new path leading to the Werra River. Inner city barrens will be redesigned into oases of tranquillity, small parks, or beer gardens.
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