Maybach Quarters


Projected with msm meyer schmitz-morkramer architecture, Köln
Owner: PDI Stuttgart Maybach Quartier Nord/Mitte/Süd GmbH
Area: ca. 3130 qm
Building costs: 350.000 Euro
Scope of service: Lph 1-6
Planning period: 2011- (under construction)
Pictures: PDI Ershade Schahangi

Space with a maximum of privacy for the Users

The MAYBACH ESTATE, a residential construction project in Feuerbach, a district of Stuttgart, will include about 120 high-quality apartments having various sizes and concepts. These accommodations are conceived to attract families with children, dual-income households, as well as singles.
To appeal to this target group, spaces which maximize privacy for the users are created.

Hedges and walls separate the private yard from the shared open space, where a large children’s playground with a wooden play tower is also to be found. Inspired by the image of a green oasis, various species of trees were selected for the courtyard. To provide a direct experience of nature, many berry shrubs and fruit trees will be planted.
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