Federal Court of Justice


Client: Staatl. Hochbauamt Baden-Baden
Cost: 1.060.000 Euro
Area: 11.852 qm
Service Phases: Lph 1 – 8
Duration: 1999 – 2004
In collaboration with: Dohle + Lose, Braunschweig

Awards: 2006 Award for Exemplary Building, Karlsruhe 1995-2005, for the expansion of the Federal Court of Justice.

The open design of the courtyard of the Federal Court’s extension building has a uniform pavement made of small cobblestones as a foundation. The slight elevation in the courtyard is accentuated by the steps, which follow the rhythm of the buildings’ facades. The paved steps run down towards the groves, creating an elongated ramp. Additionally, a sculpture by Rudolf Herz, with ca. 40-cm high bronze letters set in a circle forming the sentence “LEX INJUSTA NON EST” was developed for the courtyard.

A scattered grove of solitary trees is rooted in the courtyard at the junction between the Weinbrenner building and the new building. In front of this Weinbrenner building, there is a garden, which incorporates historic wall fragments, a hedge, and perennial plants.

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