House of Youth


Client: Municipal Authority of Kassel
Cost: 889.667 €
Area: 720 sqm
Service Phases: Lph 1 – 9
2019 – 05/2023

The forecourt of the House of Youth, established since the 1950s, was renovated and redesigned as part of the urban development program “Growth and Sustainable Renewal”. A modern city square for young people and children has been created. The walls and railings were renewed in accordance with the listed building standards and surfaces were made with color-coordinated natural stone coverings. The meeting place is characterized by a high-quality, polygonal concrete slab paving with a red accent in the middle, which defines a stage for performances and events.

The central element is the curved noise protection wall, which in addition to the function of noise reduction, offers opportunities to stay and linger. A shade sail provides additional coverage.
The trees facing the building have been preserved. Underneath, ground cover and perennials are planted. A new landscape island with an integrated seating element is being built on Leipziger Strasse, and implemented with almond trees.
The basketball hoop and table tennis are placed for the participation of children and young people and offer a spectrum of uses for old and young.

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