Conversion and Expansion of the Uferstraße

Frankenberg (Eder)

Client: City of Frankenberg (Eder)
Cost: 5.745.000€ (KG 200 – 700), 1.706.395 € (KG 500)
Area: 50.449 sqm
Service Phases: Lph 1 – 9
Duration: 2017 – 2021, 1.BA Park Completion date 2019, 2.BA Renaturation Completion 2021
In collaboration with: Oppemann Engineering und EHS Engineering, Kassel

The former main road in Frankenberg is being converted into a wide promenade with a three-row avenue with pagoda trees. The traffic area will be narrowed, so that opportunities to benefit pedestrian zones arise through a wider footpath and cycle path.

By lowering the street in the direction of the Eder, it becomes visible and tangible again from the city and is integrated into the cityscape. Hiking and cycling trails lead over a new bridge to the nearby Ederbergland recreation area.

In addition to the street space, the adjacent natural area on the Eder is being upgraded. The Nemphe will be renaturalized and will become the heart of the new riverside park.

Jetties on the Eder also offer opportunities to stay right on the water. Different perennial and woody plants appropriate to the location shall shape the road and natural space.

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