09 | 2021 PROJECT

Tree planting Königsstraße Kassel


“Kaiser linden trees on Friedrichsplatz celebrate one-year anniversary.”
The renovation of Königsstraße was completed by GTL in 2020. The Kaiser lime trees planted at that time (31 pcs.) have been standing on Friedrichsplatz for one year at the present time, thus giving the place a special character.

The planting of the trees was complex and only the caps of the integrated ventilation systems in the pavement give an indication of the planting pit below and the extensive substructure. In addition to the aeration, the system uses a steel structure to ensure that the root zone of the trees is not compacted in the heavily used square, thus providing the trees with the best possible conditions in the extreme location of the town square. In addition, the trees are automatically supplied with water via a root ball as well as deep irrigation system. By optimizing the location and supplying the trees underground, the unrestricted use of Friedrichsplatz continues to be given space.