08 | 2021 PROJECT

Shenzen Hongkong Innovation and Technology Center / Shenfang Park and Zhaolian Headquaters| Shenzen China


Since 2018 (Zhaolian) and 2019 (Shenfang Park) these two projects are in planning in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. GTL is responsible for the service phases 2,3 and 5 for the open spaces of these international projects. The buildings were designed by the architectural firm schneider+schumacher, which has offices in Frankfurt, Vienna, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

The holistic design approach of Shenfang Park represents a new generation of a research building. Located directly on the river, the building complex rises gradually. Roof terraces on each level are a distinctive feature.

The 180-meter-high Zhaolian office tower has a clear facade on the outside. Dynamics and communication are the central elements of the interior design. © GTL