Ruhrpromenade Master planning


projected with RKW Architektur + Städtebau, Düsseldorf
Owner: Ruhrbania GmbH und Co. KG
Scope of service: developing the masterplan
Planning period: 2008-2010


Vast areas along the river Ruhr offer a linear landscape and recreation area. The same aspects apply to the areas right north and south of the Mühlheim city centre. In the designed area, there, where city and river might meet, the present state is undefined. The town hall park cannot really claim, due to its size, to form a landscape of its own along the Ruhr. On the other hand only the back sides of the urban utilisations Kaufhof and town hall can be seen. Neither fish nor fowl, neither city nor countryside, that is the present state.
Once the concept was a different one. In the early 20th century the city had the courage to cross the Ruhr by building the City Hall and restoring the Castlebridge.While right at the Castlebridge the City Hall and the former public bath represent distinctive urban developments, the urban energy does not succeeed in linking the city and the Ruhr in the northern part of the area.

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