Royal Courtyard | Neuer Wall


Client: City of Moers
Cost: 7.000.000 €
Area: 2,8 ha
Services: Realization Concept
Duration: 2008 – 2010
In collaboration with: RKW, Düsseldorf, Ringel + Matthias Pfeifer, Düsseldorf

The city’s anatomy serves as the basis for the new plans of Moers. The former embankments and the city canals are highlighted once again and made legible. The new “Wallquartier” shall be constructed of three building blocks. The canals and the embankments are recognized as inner-city green spaces with a distinctive quality and extended as they encompassing the city.

Not only will the watercourse of the trench be completed and largely widened, the current Königssee will also be taken into account in the new planning.

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