Canal port Graf-Bismarck


Projected with Hafenplanung INROS LACKNER, Bremen
Owner: NRW Urban GmbH
Area: ca. 6,1 ha
Building costs: ca. 2,2 Mio. Euro
Scope of service: Lph 1-8
Planning period: 2008-2016

Now that it no longer serves as an industrial port, the “Graf Bismarck” area offers
outstanding textures for the conception of a high – quality public space for leisure activities. Two plazas, in the east and the west, and a waterside promenade along the old harbour rails will be made available using locally characteristic resources.
Access to nautical activities will be made easier with the presence of a passenger boat pier in the east and a boat slipway in the west.
Facing the slipway, steps to sit on will emerge from the asphalt surface sloping to the water. This distinctive creative highlight results from a levelled extension of the promenade right up into the head of the harbour. The attractive seating steps will allow the users to enjoy the various views on the harbour’s activities. A floating dock surfaces above the water. Its supports are made of concrete, a material which suits well the atmosphere of the site. The slipway will be secured by large concrete slabs.

Other highlights, such as tetrapod – shap ed bollards and dynamic planting arrangements at the head of the harbour will underline the special character of the location. Smooth paved surfaces, made of materials like mastic asphalt covered by
light – coloured granules and in-situ concrete, will characterize the whole layout of the new harbour site. Names of ships will be written on strips of concrete slabs, referring to the river boats navigating on the Rhine – Herne Canal.
Typical harbour steel bollards will be installed along the former crane tracks. These, along with the gently curved lounge chairs made of concrete, will offer different
possibilities to sit in the harbour area. The difference in elevation between the area surrounding the pier in the east and the riverbank will be bridged by a wheelchair accessible ramp system followed by low – rise steps. The shape and the layout of the
planting beds will be oriented towards the design of the pier.

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