Bruderhilfe Insurance company


projected with Architekturkontor Rickard Rotstein, Stockholm – G. Wehn, Kassel – Beissner Giphard Architects, Kassel

Owner: Bruderhilfe Sachversicherung Kassel
Area: ca. 0,3 ha
Building costs: ca. 200.000 Euro
Scope of service: Lph 1-9
Planning period: 1995-1998

The already existing site for the 450 employees didn’t suffice anymore, so the Swedish architect Rickard Rotstein designed a new building that was tailored with the old one. Within this context very interesting open spaces emerged.

The concept’s main feature is the reference to the entity of living and working. Around the office building and the appartments a playground as well as many small and one big patio shape a green oasis within the city.

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