Bike Path Design Concep


Client: Railway areas development company NRW mbH
Area: 6,8 km
Service Phases: Lph 1 – 2
Duration: 2008
In collaboration with: Parks Department of Willich

The anthropogenic landscape, which developed through industrialisation, is at the centre of this bike path concept.

For the design of the different types of avenues, the existing pioneer tree species on the embankment will be kept as a primary element for most of the route; they will be adapted to the thematic concept through simple pruning measures.

“Landscape view” Scenically attractive sections, defined as “landscape view avenues”, are created by thinning or subtly replanting the trees found at the edge of path. Along the bike path, rest stops will accentuate the prominent locations of the industrial development period.

Recognizable in terms of design, each station will be appointed with themes inspired by relevant processes of the industrialisation period.

On this well-defined square-shaped surface, the visitor can obtain more insight on the history of the region’s landscape while taking a break.

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