B. Braun Forest Park


Client: B. Braun Melsungen AG
Cost: 1.426.357,63 €
Area: 6.000 qm
Service Phases: Lph 2 – 9
Duration: 2013 – 2017
In collaboration with: Orange-Blue, Il Prisma

The Stadtwaldpark project involves refurbishing and transforming an historic building located in the centre of Melsungen’s forest park. This building, originally built as a sanatorium for lung patients, was acquired by the concern B.Braun at the end of the 1970s and has subsequently been used as offices, and for research.

The client intends, as far as possible, to create open office areas with some 215 workspaces, and up to 200 further workspaces in the form of lounge zones and meeting facilities. Sufficient parking space for employees and visitors will be provided in the immediate vicinity of the building.

While planning the site, local natural conditions will be respected wherever possible. The surface of the side-entrance forecourt will be paved in natural stone, and a water-permeable surface will provide access to the broadcasting area. The design is based on the historical layout of the park. Concrete steps in the park will be demolished and replaced by massive natural stone steps.

To the south, wherever possible, bulbs will be planted around the western turning circle, and west of the main entrance shrubs will be established. Likewise, the density of shrubs and trees will be augmented in the vicinity of the proposed parking deck.

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