Adidas World of Sports


Projected with:
Babler + Lodde, Herzogenaurach | Kammgebäude
Kaufmann, Theilig und Partner, Stuttgart | Mitarbeiterrestaurant

Owner: adidas Salomon AG, World of Sports
Area: ca. 9,8 ha
Building costs: ca. 3,0 Mio €
Scope of service: Lph 1-8
Planning period: 1998-2000

Moving into the green

Adidas, the world famous sports article company moved its headquarters from the city center to the former U.S army artillery base in Herzogenaurach. A competition was held for the outdoor facilities in 1998. This was won by GTL. The design for the outdoor facilities seeks to inspire the creativity needed in a trends-oriented firm while expressing that the large firm chose to remain in the small town of its origins.
The solution has been to opt for a form language that avoids all formalism in favour of a light-hearted and spirited approach. The result is a composition made up of contemporary installations, extensive new plantings and existing natural elements, all gathered together into a landscape park that merges in with the surrounding countryside.

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