On the way to the lake | Inden-Schophoven

3. Prize

In the coming years, the surrounding area in the centre of Schophoven will be transformed into an extensive recreational area with a lake, focusing on sustainable developments and the effects of climate change. The park will integrate the Müllenark estate as a tourist area with a green inner courtyard. A blue-green band, accompanied by retention troughs, connects the estate with the edge of the lake, enables rainwater utilisation and creates a versatile recreational space. The park will be modelled using local materials, thus emphasising the responsible use of resources. The planting is planned to be as diverse as possible, with a focus on species diversity and biodiversity. The promenade and the transition to the lake will be developed in stages, with a protective wall to be retained. The lighting concept developed will ensure a night-time atmosphere, safety and consideration for the environment.


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