07 | 2021 PROJECT

Rewe Green Building| Wiesbaden-Erbenheim


GTL worked on the Rewe Green Building project in Wiesbaden together with the architectural firm acme in the Service Phases 1 – 9. In planning since 2018, the Rewe store was able to open this year on May 27, thus launching a pilot project.

The market revolves entirely around the theme of “sustainability” and takes a look at the shopping places of the future as well as a resource-saving food production. On site, fish farming is carried out on the roof and basil is planted.

The Rewe building stands out not only for its innovative concept, but also for its unusual architectural design. Columns of stacked timber form the supporting structure for the glass roof farm, forming a unique vaulted structure. Inside, customers look out onto a glass atrium, the rooftop greenhouse.

The exterior is characterized by parking lots broken up with green spaces, perennial plantings and a flowering meadow. The greening creates important habitats for wildlife. The proportion of sealed surfaces was reduced and a subsoil capable of infiltration was created. © GTL