06 | 2024 Project

Frankfurter Straße Kassel

Completion 1st construction phase

Over the past two years, possible tree locations for upgrading the public space on Frankfurter Strasse were identified in a first construction phase. The main difficulty here was finding suitable locations. Many cables are laid in the street and stretched across the road in the form of overhead lines.

In the first construction phase, 15 suitable locations were identified and appropriate trees and shrubs were planted. Care was taken to ensure that they were given the largest possible root space despite the many requirements (space requirements, winter road clearance, pedestrians and cyclists, signalling systems, etc.). Some of the tree pits were connected with so-called root trenches, which are not visible on the surface.

We recently visited the project to document their development and are satisfied: All the trees have grown well. Now we have to wait until their crowns continue to develop and provide shade on Frankfurter Strasse in the future.


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