06 | 2020 Competition

Literature District Essen


Open space planning of the newly conceived literature district in Essen.
Our design strategy focuses on transforming the space , framed by the building’s structure, into distinguished, versatile and high quality meeting points.
The concept aims for a reinforced East-West connection, which materialises through an uninterrupted clear path for pedestrians and cyclists. This connection is characterized by a strong and resilient urban character, which adapts certain uses and functions.
The central square of the plot, which is part of this network, allocates the diverse usages into lively, open areas and quieter areas for retreat purposes. This division is highlighted with the use of room-framing elements such as folded, partially greened wooden decks.
The North-South connection has a dense, green character, intercepted with a balance of play and lounge areas.

Illustration © GTL