Green Quarter Stephansstift | Hannover

Recognition | In collaboration with RKW Architektur +

In the south of the newly emerging “Green Quarter”, there is a new nursing home building with an associated open space which, due to its location, functions as an entrance to the new quarter. In order to fulfill this task, a generous, open plaza area made of water-bound pavement was created, which picks up the tree motif from the southern inventory. The large plaza area is address-forming and marks the main entrance of the southern building block. In the inner courtyard of the new building, a generous plaza area consisting of a large green space, bordered by lounge elements, is provided, which extends the building’s internal use into the outdoor space. The inner courtyard is supplemented by a dense grove of trees, which dissolves from the green area into the square area. The planting areas surrounding the building will be designed as retention areas with site-appropriate perennials and grasses.


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