Suntower Villagarden

Beijing | China

Owner: privat
Area: ca. 5000 qm
Scope of service: Lph 1-5
Planning period: 2004-2005


Located in an idyllic setting with a view to a lake in the outskirts of Beijing, a 5,000 square meter garden urrounds the newly constructed villa. The garden space design follows the owner’s desire that it would come across in a representative way to the outside, and at the same time, to create very private, intimate rest areas outdoors. Because of that, a concept of interwoven garden spaces, which follow a systematically staged privacy, has been created in close cooperation with the owner.
By the explicit request of the owner, the garden does not revert stylistically to the Chinese tradition, but uses the concept of shapes of the European garden tradition. The essential basic idea is, apart from opening and closing of spaces according to their level of representation or rivacy, to create surprising sequences of spaces, as well as repetitions of surprising insights and outlooks.
Facing the development road and the lake, the garden is set with a loosely planted wooded area at the side of the ntrance. Its rows of trees uncover the view to the lake through gaps, which result from the irregular spacing.
The type of tree alternates from row to row between tree magnolias and ginkgos, and so provides for their propriate effect at any season of the year: A sea of magnolia blossoms in spring, shade and enjoyable coolness in summer, the gorgeous leaf colouring enchants the autumn, and in winter picturesque branches draw bizarre shadow atterns on the ground, but let the winter sun through.
The rear part of the garden stages space qualities, which allow different space impressions from different perspectives, by hedge elements. In contrast to the strictness of hedge elements, this garden part is screened from the neighbours by a freely growing wood band, in which – taggered in height and depth – flowering shrubs like lilac and hydrangeas, as well as a rich range of different herbacious perennials, create a flowering backdrop throughout the year.
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