Julius Kuehn-Institut – Federal Research Institute for econimic plants


Client: LBB Sachsen-Anhalt, NL West
Cost: 1.700.000 €
Area: 25.000 sqm
Service Phases: Lph 1 – 8
Duration: 2002 – 2007
In collaboration with: Struhk Architekten, Braunschweig

The clear urban planning principles applied for the construction of the Federal Institute for Plant Breeding Research (BAZ) were also maintained in the design of the outdoor facilities, allowing the creation of a cohesive ensemble.

The main theme for the overall design concept of the grounds is that of an estate, which is recognizable for example in the choice of crops, such as vines and fruit trees, and which also inspired the design of the water areas supplied by rainwater, which remind of fire protection ponds found in rural settings.

The use of crop varieties coming from the research institute provides a reference to its mission, which conveys a coherent image of the institution while also being an element to which the employees can easily identify. In addition to this binding thematic design concept, the new buildings’ numerous exits and paths leading to the greenhouses and the farm buildings represent the intensive interrelation between scientific work conducted in laboratories and experiments occurring in the fields and greenhouses.

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