Private Garden


Owner: privat
Area: ca. 3.300 qm
Building costs: 200.000 Euro
Scope of service: Lph 2-8
Planning period: 2012-2013

A renovated Jungendstil villa overlooking the meadows of the Ruhr River required an adequate garden concept. The basic idea was to efficiently combine the existing linden and cherry trees with modern elements. As this garden will also be used for events, it obtained a spacious terrace, large enough for a professional barbecue and allowing bigger celebrations to take place. The new 150 m2 large terrace area was raised 1.5 m above the ground, in order to enable the visitor to better enjoy the villa’s gardens.

The entrance to the garden is a pathway made of large, dark, high-quality granite slabs, with easy access low-riser steps in the same material.
A wooden terrace overlooking the rich garden will be added to a new building planned for guest accommodation and fitness facilities. At night, the larger trees will be accentuated with special lighting.

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