Park Autobahn A42


Owner: RVR Regionalverband Ruhr/Ruhr.2010
Area: ca. 31.000 qm
Building costs: 450.000 Euro
Scope of service: Lph 1-8
Planning period: 2009-2010

The design of the “Ohrenparks” follows two complementary ideas.

An attractive public space for walks and relaxation has been created along a boulevard stretching out between two roundabouts.Facilities such as sports grounds, benches, and restaurants are integrated here. The boulevard serves as a binding point connecting public and private spaces.

In contrast to the public spaces, the private areas will be delimited and constitute closed courtyards with infrastructures for leisure near the residences. The surrounding public spaces are connected to the boulevard through corridors, where so-called “hotspots”, thematically interrelated locations, will also be implemented.
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