Kinzighöfe Residence



Client: HIG Hanauerland Real Estate Company mbH & Co. KG
Cost: 343.600 €
Area: 2.530 sqm
Service Phases: Lph 1-5
Duration: 2015-2018
In collaboration with: Haber Turri Architekten BDA RPB-Ingenieure GmbH

Five new residential buildings with underground parking in Kehl. In the outdoor areas, the entrances to the residential buildings, the semi-public residential paths and the central square, the ’Piazza Verde’ have been planned. The private gardens are implemented with lawns. All unpaved areas are designed as shrub and perennial beds.

The ‘Piazza Verde’, the center of the area, is planned with seating under small umbrella-shaped trees. The square acts as a central, connecting element, serves to linger and promotes communication – a meeting point under the trees. The playground for toddlers in the residential area is located in the north-west.

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