Campus Lahnberge | Masterplans


Projected with Döll – Atelier voor Bouwkunst, Rotterdam und Coido (Cordsen Ipach + Döll), Hamburg BSV Büro für Stadt – und Verkehrsplanung, Aachen
Owner: Hessisches Baumanagement
Area: ca. 400.000 qm
Scope of service: Masterplanung
Planning period: 2009

General plan

In order to develop a new master plan for the campus of Lahnberge, a reflection on how to deal with the existing buildings and campus had to be undertaken. This provided an opportunity to develop an integrated urban design concept. One of the clear objectives was to create a stronger sense of identification with and on the campus.
In this master plan, we wanted to retain the essential features of a classic “campus island” while taking into consideration the requirements of a modern university and integrating the campus to the topography and landscape of the region.
A vibrant space for the students, scientists, and visitors of the Philipps University had to be developed. In our view, the campus in Lahnberge needs
a “supporting structure” – in other words, a way to bond the whole area together through a public space with social potential and buildings used by students of all disciplines.
In the master plan, this “supporting structure” becomes central in the concept, crossing the whole area in an open and manageable way.
Three primary “campus squares” with different uses and spatial borders are
established within the central public space. Defined as the northern, southern, and central squares, these spaces will be primarily used by pedestrians and cyclists.
For pedestrians, a system with many informally marked routes will be established.
Supply and recreational facilities also make up an essential part of campus life.
Therefore, these infrastructures will be provided along all the three campus squares, with the central one being the focus of activities.

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